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сокрытие Part 6

сокрытие Part 6 - wherein the very first anomaly caused by the Glyptic Record is investigated and the outcome is dire.

I Need Podcast Help – Please

I Need Podcast Help - Please - wherein I beg for your help to find more great podcasts to listen to. I don't do TV, but man do I do podcasts. So what is hot that you guys are listening to?

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Conversation with String Artist Petros Vrellis

Conversation with String Artist Petros Vrellis - wherein Petros and I discuss his innovative and creative way of looking at the art of El Greco through the most amazing weavings I've ever seen.

The Revolution Against Evolution

The Revolution Against Evolution - an interview with Michael Fischer, discussing evidence against evolution and the faith required to believe evolution in the first place.



Bible Experiment Malachi

Bible Experiment Malachi - wherein we close out the Old Testament, and recap what we've learned over the last 39 books. Which, I manage to do in no less than 3 words. Yeah, you are welcome.

Bible Experiment Zechariah

Bible Experiment Zechariah - or wherein you get to see a prophet shoot a hole in one on Mars from here on Earth. It's a spectacular shot. One that has to be seen to be believed.

Bible Experiment Haggai

Bible Experiment Haggai - wherein I finally complete the path followed by my predecessor and respond to some of his fiercest objections.