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Gorgeous Designs Inspired by the Ocean

Gorgeous Designs Inspired by the Ocean – I recently stumbled upon two different designers/artists that have used the ocean as their inspiration.

The first is Greg Klassen who creates tables, desks and conference tables with glass inserted in the middle. It is just phenomenal what Mr. Klassen is able to do with just wood and glass. It invokes ideas of rivers heading to the ocean.


A Peloton From the Inside

A Peloton From the Inside – I like a good football game (Broncos possibly?) Or baseball even (Orioles much?). March Madness? I’m totally in. I don’t even care who’s made it to the round of 64. But, what about the World Cup? Wimbledon? Cricket in India? Or the Tour de France?

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David OReilly and His Mountain

David OReilly and His Mountain – David OReilly of Her fame has created a video game. The game is ingeniously entitled MOUNTAIN, which is a mountain simulator. Which seems silly in the extreme, except that it is also brilliant. David was the designer of the video game imbedded within the movie Her. You know the one, the one with the annoying little kid that swears like a sailor? Yeah, that game. Mountain is his first actual video game, but if it brings his standard gorgeous design capabilities to it (which we think he has) then it should be a gorgeous experience.

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OK Go Mind Blowing Music Video

OK Go Mind Blowing Music Video – This music video by Ok Go is fantastic. The band spent three weeks setting up the illusions and then they took over 50 takes to get it right. Its a single 4 minute cut and there are dozens and dozens of optical illusions queued one right after the other as the band members continue singing along as the illusions continue to land.

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Your Life In Weeks

Your Life in Weeks – So a month or so ago I tripped across a fantastic post over at waitbutwhy, about an exercise that I really liked. Here’s the quick and dirty explanation. Create a drawing with a box on it. That box represents a week. Now, multiply that box 52 weeks for all the weeks in a year. After you have done that, duplicate the row of 52 boxes 90 times and now you have a long life detailed in weeks. Over at Waitbutwhy they then began playing with the blocks in different ways and showing various types of data. My favorite view was their view of a life in averages.

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What Would You Levitate If You Could

What Would You Levitate If You Could? This so isn’t a theoretical question. What would you levitate if you could? By the way, you can only levitate 20 pounds. Still, that would be an amazingly cool super power. You wouldn’t have the chops to take on Superman or anything, but you’d be the toast of the yearly neighborhood party all the same. I mean, LEVITATION! That is awesome. Regardless, here is a literal product to let you do exactly that… levitate a full twenty pounds of anything. Epic cool.