Falling Down The Alfa-Arkiv iPad Game Rabbit Hole

Where the game slips a bit is also its strength. If you come expecting to "play" just forget it. But if you want to get immersed in a story, this is your game. Sometimes, even for me though, I found the barrage of information (most of which was in Russian and available in translated versions) to be too much.

Pneuma Idyllic Puzzler Game Review

The worlds are therapeutically beautiful. The puzzles are clever, if a little on the easy side. The game is a nice change from the normal first person shooter world. There are no guns. There are no people. And in that respect it is very much like Portal... minus the portal gun. But I have enjoyed it very much mainly because it is a different experience than the normal world of games that we are given. So kudos to the Pneuma team for their pushing back against the norm.

Robin Hood iPhone App Game Changer

So what's the upshot? The upshot is that I have pulled all the nickles and dimes out of the couch that I could find in order to get the app funded with a reasonable starting position. The money is routing now and I expect to be trading in the next day or two. I'm sure I'll be complaining about my losses soon enough!