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Endgame: The Calling – Three Million in Gold

Endgame: The Calling – Three Million in Gold – I have already begun searching for some of the 75 already created websites and social media profiles that have been created for the book, the puzzles and the game. I’ve discovered a couple. But I’m a little confused by a lack of sharing going on on the web already. Maybe I should keep them to myself?!? hahah. I mean, we are talking about 187 pounds of gold after all. Yeah. I think I’ll keep them to myself. See you in the game.

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The Future Will Be Hacked

The Future Will Be Hacked – There has been so much political grist for the networks and the news world lately about hacked celebrity accounts that I wonder what sort of pretensions we are all operating under here. Wait. While we are at the beginning, I think I should rename this post from “The Future Will Be Hacked” to “The Future Was Hacked Already” or better yet, “You Already Lost All Your Junk, You Just Don’t Know It Yet.”

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John Oliver Civil Forfeiture and a Trucky Trailer

Since I first mentioned John Oliver’s new show a few weeks ago he has made magic happen over and over and over again. He has castigated the Miss America’s pageant’s claim that they are the world’s largest provider of women’s college scholarships. Napalmed the US’s policy on drones. Investigated student debt. Begged Scotland not to leave the United Kingdom. Beseeched Peru to get on the ball wrt ISIS. But none of it was as funny or revealing as this reporting on the concept of Civil Forfeiture that was originally in a story called “Stop and Seize” reported by the Washington Post.

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Cirque Du Soleil Meets Quad Copters

Cirque Du Soleil Meets Quad Copters – Cirque is truly fantastic. (Fantastique?) I’ve happened to pick up a show in Denver, Orlando and Las Vegas(? I lose track, LA? No idea.) My favorite memory of the show was heading to the door with my tickets in my hands and having a clown take the tickets and walk us all the way down to the stage. He then proceed onto the circular stage, and then to the center of said stage. Where he then placed the tickets in the middle of the stage… on the ground. And he then gestured that these would be our seats for the evening. So I headed onto the stage and sat down. It was a good evening out.

And now that they are adding choreographed quad copters it is only going to get fantasticker. Or something. Here’s the making of video for your enjoyment.

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Modern Console Gaming Destiny

Modern Console Gaming Destiny – if Destiny is the future of not only gaming, but entertainment in general, what can we expect? If you are playing a single player game… the first thing you can expect is that other guys will be shooting at your bad guys. Wha? Yeah, I accidentally teamed up with a couple players last night, and we pushed through the bad guys together. Normally the levels are built to handle around three players a piece. Right? So each level, the complexity and difficult of the levels are ranked for a cooperative of three people to play them together. But if you are running solo, you will just naturally find that there will be others on your board at the same time. Which changes your game play immediately. I never said hello. I never talked to them. And yet we both started running through the same valley to hit the target together.

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Over Under Toilet Paper Discussion

Over Under Toilet Paper Discussion – And yes. I also am an avowed overrer too. And I too am going to begin folding my toilet paper extras in a v-shaped fashion just to give that high class, “just been cleaned” feeling. To all you underrers… the facts are all here for you to make the right choice. All you need to do is admit you need help, and we overrers will be here to help in a heartbeat.

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John Oliver My New Favorite Thing Ever

John Oliver My New Favorite Thing Ever – This is will be difficult to drive home correctly. With the right intensity and perspective. How to amp this at the right level. I need a volume 11 for this post. WHICH I GUESS I COULD DO IN ALL CAPS. But I don’t know if even that will drive the correct insight to what I am wanting to say here. So, with that in mind. I’m going to say it slowly. And precisely. John Oliver. Is my new. Favorite thing. Ever.