Pneuma Idyllic Puzzler Game Review

The worlds are therapeutically beautiful. The puzzles are clever, if a little on the easy side. The game is a nice change from the normal first person shooter world. There are no guns. There are no people. And in that respect it is very much like Portal... minus the portal gun. But I have enjoyed it very much mainly because it is a different experience than the normal world of games that we are given. So kudos to the Pneuma team for their pushing back against the norm.

Robin Hood iPhone App Game Changer

So what's the upshot? The upshot is that I have pulled all the nickles and dimes out of the couch that I could find in order to get the app funded with a reasonable starting position. The money is routing now and I expect to be trading in the next day or two. I'm sure I'll be complaining about my losses soon enough!

Dark Echo iOS Game Review

It is just phenomenal what kind of fear can be created simply by a black screen, and out of this world sound design. The mood of the game goes from, huh, I wonder where the door is. To, um, what was that? Very quickly and it only ramps up from there. And then the next thing you know you are blindly running into the darkness to get away.

Let me wax eloquent a moment about Magic and Trunkclub

Sure I applaud Magic for their finding a niche and filling it. Kudos to them. I love the idea. I may even use it. And kudos to Trunkclub for their innovation and their delivering quality clothes to guys that can afford them. I love it. And I get it. I get why it works for guys. But maybe this ennui is the root of a deeper problem, a deeper issue we should point our gaze at for a bit. Maybe we need to concentrate on the why of these things as opposed to the cleverness of the solutions. Maybe we need to reconsider our life choices as a society. Maybe we need to reevaluate what is really and truly important in this life.

Blue Bottle Coffee Your Next Investment

I first encountered Blue Bottle in San Francisco a couple years ago. (The photos included in this story are from a several of my visits to the store.) Since then every time I've been back to the Bay Area I go way out of my way to get back to Blue Bottle. Every time I turn the corner and see the shop ahead, I'm greeted with a mile long line. The reason is fairly simple. Blue Bottle Coffee is artisan coffee created slowly and delicately for the perfect taste and experience.