Entirety of Atlantic Slave Trade In 2 Minutes

Entirety of Atlantic Slave Trade In 2 Minutes Its rare that information completely transforms the way you think about something. I mean, it does... but never really completely. Well. I mean sometimes it does...

New Liquid Clock Rhei In Development

There is a new liquid clock in development that looks all kinds of crazy cool. Just super enamored with the design and crafting workflow of these types of projects.

Ever Wondered How Apps Are Designed and Developed?

First, let me set the record straight. I'm not going to try and teach you how to design an app with this post. This is just going to be a high level walk through of the processes involved with creating an app, kinda like the show, "How Stuff Is Made".

Plag New Social Network Spreads Like a Virus

I'm currently fascinated with a new social network that is based on the mechanics of a working plague. I've been fiddling with it for about a week now and I continue to be confused, delighted by the experience.

Mirror’s Edge Coming to New Consoles and Real Life

The city is bright white. All the paths that are available to you are floodlit with red. As you run you figure out your best options and choose the right paths on the fly. When its clicking Mirror's Edge it makes you feel like a god among men. Its such an amazing feeling.

Mr Robot and Ex Machina Extended Website Goodness

what I find so interesting is this new generation of websites that are so immersive and supportive of the show itself. They have gone to new lengths to promote the show that aren't cheap. I'm sure they spent around a hundred grand a piece or more developing these websites just in the hopes of more guerilla marketing for their content.

Has Google Ascended the Voigt-Kampff Test?

What is revolutionary about this approach from Google is that it follows similar rules laid out by their search engine - which is model based, not rule based. To be algorithmic as opposed to being explicitly directed.