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1st Annual Christmas List for Geeks

Curious what to get the Geek Guy You Love (GGYL)? Well, I have geek credentials coming out my ears. If you would like me to flaunt my Geek Cred for you, I could. But if you are desperate to purchase something for your loved one. And he’s a geek. Then you’ve come to the right place. Promise. Any one of these items will just spontaneously blow your guy’s mind. Promise.

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New Off the Hook Game Lumino City

New Off the Hook Game Lumino City – Every now and again a new game comes out that is intriguing. And then there are the super rare exceptions when your jaw comes unhinged and then drops onto the floor because you are so blown away by a new concept. That is the case with the new game Lumino City

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Serial Podcast Spoilers

Serial Podcast Spoilers – so, here we stand. Serial is an enormous, totally groundbreaking podcast. So far there have been something like 15 million downloads of the various episodes. Which is unprecedented. And I am going out on a limb and saying that Adnan

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A Modern Message In a Bottle Would You Open It?

A Modern Message In a Bottle Would You Open It? So I recently decided to conduct my own modern message in a bottle experiment. I was listening to Radiolab and I was thinking about just what makes a thing great. You know. What makes someone continue listening when they wouldn’t have normally? What do we find entertaining? And not only what but why? And I realized that it’s the audacity of a thing. The curiosity to learn what will happen next. Right?

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More Proof the Serial Podcast is Amazing

“Are you listening to Serial yet? You have to start listening to Serial. Please. It’s a podcast from the makers of This American Life, it’s been going since October, there are seven episodes to catch up on (start from the beginning, listen in order) and… I’m obsessed. I need you all to start listening so that we can form some kind of Serial support group.”

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Next Gen Thoughts

There are only a few games out there the get your pulse pumping like the Call of Duty (COD) series. We’ve all played the heck out of Destiny, and sure, we’ll keep going back to that well when we get bored elsewhere. But now we have a few COD Advanced Warfare thoughts for you all. But first, to really understand just how exciting Advanced Warfare is, you need to understand just how terribly disappointing COD Ghosts was on the new modern console.

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The Tipping Point of Human CGI

The Tipping Point of Human CGI – In Australia there is a Computer Graphics Artist named Chris Jones.  He’s only recently come to my attention.  But he is obviously a force to be reckoned with. Humans are hard to nail.  Our eyes register things, and our brain senses human realism that is truly difficult to duplicate.  Think back through some of the previous attempts and how we just don’t take them seriously.

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Intersections Lasercut Art Installation

Intersections Lasercut Art Installation – Some of the greatest stuff venturing into the art world today are being generated with the help of lasers (SHARKS WITH LASERSSSS!!!) cutting technology. The precision and the intricacy is second to none. And the results really can be revolutionary when coupled with the right visionary. Anila Quayyum Agha is one such artist with a vision all her own. Anila has taken a box that has been intricately sliced and diced, added a light bulb, and then has allowed the shadows to be her art.