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My Life Sux Now Another Catfish

So there was a documentary (Mockumentary? Meme w/in a meme? Internet scam?) that came out a year or two ago called Catfish. A guy begins to fall in love online and he and his friends decide to start recording video about the whole internet side of it and the unveiling of this relationship over time. They spoke on the phone, shipped art to each other, wrote love poems. It was very sweet… and intriguing. Only glitch? The woman on the other end of the relationship was a sham.

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Her Story Game Interview With Sam Barlow

Right now I can’t think of another game with a more innovative play technique happening. Within was interesting as an experiment.  Maybe The Witness will return us to our Myst roots too?  But those are all recognizable as “games”.  Navigate the world.  Investigate your environment.  Solve problems.  Move to the next area, repeat.  But Her Story is completely different.

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Heather Dewey-Hagborg Art or Stolen DNA

Recently Heather Dewey-Hagborg flipped a whole lot of people out by taking random swabs of people’s “dropped” DNA and converting it into busts and displaying them in an art gallery. The show was entitled “Stranger Visions”. Specifically the samples she was “finding” were from people in and around New York City, but they could have been from anywhere.

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Watch Black Mirror Now

Each episode is a social jab, and a very loud and in your face commentary as life as we know it today. Hackers steal brain storage drives. Political Mutually Assured Distruction flaunts itself as Performance Nihilism. Voyeurism becomes rallying cries becomes voyeurism again. Its truly one of the most cleverly written shows I’ve ever encountered.

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Art triptychs and Data Visualizations

Art triptychs and Data Visualizations – I recently stumbled upon a fellow by the name of Yousuke Ozawa that is currently doing an art show in Tokyo called Data Visualizations. He has taken famous classic works of art and taken the code and displayed it as the painting itself.

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3D Cardboard Safari Genius

Oh my merciful and fantastic creator are these guys in Virginia the epitome of uberness and all things cool! You can purchase cardboard builds of everything from a human skull, to a mounted boar, to a stag, to a spaceship?! This is the shizzle right here! hahah. Each of the cardboard builds go for like 30 to 40 bucks. But the idiot in me is like, um, but I want to MAKE one myself!

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A New Game From Braid Developer Jonathan Blow

A New Game From Braid Developer Jonathan Blow – I just can’t contain myself. It’s been like Christmas everyday around here of late. So many think outside the box things going on in the world of movies, books and games. This news is going to take a little bit of setup for some of you. (Oh alright, 92% of you.)

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Portal Gun Trick Shot Brilliance

The game Portal is simply the best video game ever. Yeah, I know. Big words. Actually, check that. Portal 2 is the greatest video game of all time. Bar none. But without Portal 1 there is not Portal 2… so they are basically intertwined in my mind. But its funny that a game without a proper gun (a gun with bullets mind you) could be the best of anything.