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Netflix Series Dark Family Tree Poster

Netflix Series Dark Family Tree Poster

Are you looking for a season 1 Family tree for the Netflix’s show Dark? I have got you covered. I mean, looking at the season 2 family tree before you’ve watched season 2 will spoil almost everything. So I understand. Are you looking for a season 2 family tree for Netflix’s show Dark? Brilliant, cause I’ve got one of those too. And finally – if you want a family tree with all the secret sauce, I got one of those as well. Just stick with me, and we’ll get you the family trees you need. Alright – here we go, Netflix Series Dark Family Tree Poster!!! Excited? I am. This post has been a long time coming.

PLEASE DON’T SCROLL TOO FAST. IF YOU JUST WANT THE SEASON 1 POSTER, SCROLL SLOWLY!!!! Great. I do NOT want Dark spoilers on my conscience along with everything else.

And, for all of you that stumbled onto this page – and you are wondering what the heck all the fuss is about? Just go watch Dark on Netflix, and you’ll quickly realize just how crazy cool this show is. You can start watching right here.

A Little Donation Will Go Along Way

Look, you haven’t seen the family trees yet. I get it. You are like, dude wants a $5.00 donation for a little family tree? Hahah. Yeah. I get that. But I’ve spent close to 200 hours of my life working out all three of these detailed family trees. I’ve taken dozens and dozens of suggestions over the past couple years to make all three of them what they are today. So, when you are downloading, a donation tossed my direction will help recoup some of that time that went into making each one.

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Netflix’s Dark Season 1 Family Tree

Ok, with that donation crap out of the way, here is the season 1 family tree.

The Definitive Netflix Dark Season 3 Family Tree

Please note, this image is big big. Like building big. So, in order to read the notes under each character – you’ll need to click the image so you can imbigify it. Great.

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Netflix’s Dark Season 2 Family Tree

Ok, with that donation crap out of the way, here is the season 2 family tree. AGAIN. Do not look at this tree if you’ve only watched season 1. It will literally burn your corneas out. Trust me on this. You will disappoint yourself greatly. Just don’t do it. All those who’ve seen season 2, proceed.

The Definitive Netflix Dark Season 3 Family Tree

As I said, please note, this image is big big. Like building big. So, in order to read the notes under each character – you’ll need to click the image so you can imbigify it. Great.

Donation Amount

Netflix’s Dark Season 3 Family Tree

Once again – with that donation crap out of the way, here is the season 3 family tree. AGAIN. Do not look at this tree if you’ve only watched season 2. It will literally burn your corneas out. Trust me on this. You will disappoint yourself greatly. Just don’t do it. All those who’ve seen season 3, proceed.

This is the whole enchilada. The Big Cahuna. This thing is at least three times larger than the other two combined. So, yeah, pray a little prayer for your internet bandwidth, and then click on it in order to make it go. Then zoom in to understand what it is that it is actually saying to you.

The Definitive Netflix Dark Season 3 Family Tree

Anyway, over the last few years, I spent hundreds of hours scribbling, notating my notes, scribbling my scribbles, and all of it just to fully understand the comings and goings of this show. I literally cannot think of another movie or show I have spent more time on delving into each of the characters, charting their relationships or detailing out their place in their universe. Never. Which is saying alot, because I’m the guy that thinks Inception had 7 dream layers as opposed to 3. I’m the guy that figured out the false ending of The Prestige. I’ve deconstructed the internal workings of Timelapse and chatted with the creators. I have spent a ton of time digging on so many of these crazy movies. But this diagram I am about to show you puts all of that work to shame. So come on back regularly to THiNC., better yet, sign up to my weekly digest and swing back through regularly.

And thanks for stopping by to check out my crazy Netflix Dark Family Trees. I’m glad you were able to check them out.

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  • Dark blew my mind! It is excellence in writing, but also has wonderful moody cinematography, spooky yet restrained music suited to a horror movie, marvelous acting, and the best casting look-alike matches I’ve ever seen. Speaking of which, said casting look-alikes leads me to hypothesize that, though I know it would be a chicken-egg paradox, Bartosz Tiedemann is Noah. The only thing I figured out ahead was that the Stranger was Jonas based on facial similarities and his benign goodness. How did I not, then, see that an additional jump to the future was coming?! Perhaps my brain was full thinking of all of the jumps and connections.

    It seemed at the beginning that we had two protagonists – Jonas and Ulrich – one kind and benign, one tortured and running headlong into trouble of his own making – but I was surprised how quickly Ulrich went off the rails. His lack of impulse control – does it make him an everyman in a world gone mad or merely a punch drunk boxer swinging wildly and never landing a hit?

    This show reminds me of Lost. As Jack was the protagonist there whom we lost identification with as the show rolled along due to his increasing paranoia and the shows glorious sharing of plot wealth among so many characters, here too, in Dark, it turns out there is no real protagonist. We are all important parts of the whole.

  • No, I totally buy what you are selling. And the reason I think that Bartosz is Noah is even less to go on than your theory. I believe they are the same because nothing happens with Bartosz. He is cultivated and buttered up… but for naught. We do know that a season 2 of Dark has already been ordered by Netflix. So there have to be new areas to go into… but yeah, pancake, I’m totally in agreement with you on that assumption. And the fact that he is related to Claudia? All the more reason to believe that he is Noah. Sort of a reaction and response to Claudia’s push for good. Which, actually gives a whole different insight into that conversation between Bartosz and Claudia at the end. Fascinating.

    But yeah, I really loved this show. Apparently. hahaha.

  • Thank you so much for this breakdown! I finished Dark half an hour ago, and I’m still mind-blown. With that, a few corrections:

    – Agnes rents a room from “Egon”, not “Igor” (in your description of her).
    – Egon arrested Ulrich in 1953 for the murder of Helge, not for the murder of the two boys — they were still confused about those boys when they arrested Ulrich. However, Ulrich had already confessed to murdering Helge, and they arrested him to find out where Helge was (description of Egon).
    – Again, in your description of Ulrich, he’s jailed for the murder of Helge, not Mads.
    – Mads was found in 2019, not 1953. Yasin and Erik were the two boys found in 1953 (description of Mads).

    Also, could you email me the full version of the poster? I put my email into the email field of this form, so you can send it there. Thanks so much, and I can’t wait for your full breakdown!

  • Thanks so much for the assistance. Later tonight? Tomorrow? I will make the changes. Christmas is a little busy! Hahah. And then I’ll send it, if that’s ok? Or do you want the unedited version?

    Thanks again! Still working furiously to get my Dark walkthrough done. About 70% there.

  • Hiii , thanks so much , i took the picture and i shared the article in a facebook fans group with a reference to ur credits , is that okay?
    ps. can i ask u if you’re willing to talk more about the show? and why does everyone keep forgetting the 33 years from 2019 !! it’s all connected .
    plus i have a theory that the secret of kids disappearance is linked to the Doppler’s family through 53-86-19-52
    – one last thing , how can i subscribe to your website since i don’t surf the net alot and i’d like to be aware of new posts

  • Hi, i´ll be great help that you put different pictures of the characters that appear at different years, e.g. picture of 1953, 1986 and 2019 Helge would be great and no so hard to impliment, anyway great job!

  • Damn, dude! You really outdid yourself with this one! I think I need to read this thoroughly and then re-watch the season with this in front of me.

  • I think my favorite overall concept from this show is that time is a closed loop. This idea takes the paradoxes of time travel and essentially fixes them by saying that instead of it being impossible for events to cause each other, it is actually the only way that things can be. For characters trying to change things in the past to alter the future, this means that their actions in the both the past and present and future are all fixed, including their attempts to change the past.

    If time travel is possible in reality, this is the only way it would make sense to me because it’s the only way to avoid paradoxes.

  • Great job! Another error I found was under Doris Tidemann- it says mother of Tronte which she is not. I would like the poster sent to me too whenever you get a chance. Thank you!

  • This is great work. Can’t wait to see the families trees

  • I thought long and hard about that Manuel, but I decided to go with a 2019 view of the characters and backwards as 3 photos per person for the older ones and just one for the younger characters just didn’t work graphically. I literally tried, but didn’t dig the view.

    But yeah, I understand what you are saying. I am starting work on a view of the time jumps that were made and I may do that there? No, that doesn’t make sense there either. Hrmmm.

  • Thanks Jen,
    Appreciate the catch. It’s very difficult for my non-detail oriented mind, to work graphically and also get the facts straight too. So your editing is appreciated.


  • The weird thing about closing the loop, and the problem that I have with the show is… how does that work? Is it abrupt? Like groundhog’s day for an entire town? Sort of like the movie ARQ? The killing of the wormhole by Jonas? Which slams the entire town back to 1953 from 2052? But yeah, it’d be fascinating to continue to investigate these events over and over again from different angles. But I personally believe that time is changeable, but they just so rigidly believe it isn’t that they work hard to keep it locked.

    I’m almost done with my overview of the entire season. It’s taken me forever. But I’ll throw some of these thoughts in there I’m sure. But thanks for the compliment – it was a crazy amount of work that just kept growing and growing! hahaha.

  • THIS is the family tree I’ve been looking for! I think you missed one, though: Tannhaus is Charlotte’s grandfather as stated on the official Dark website – https://dark.netflix.io/article/en-uhrmacher-19861

  • WHAT?! Hahaha. So that means that Greta slept with Tannhaus! hahah. That is going to jack up my poster a bunch. Maybe just a red line from Greta over to him. Yeah. That’s what it needs. I was wondering who it was that she’d had an affair with. Fantastic. Thanks so much!

  • Why would it mean that Tannhaus slept with Greta? We only know of one kid that Greta had and that was Helge though we don’t know who the dad actually is. Don’t see how that would lead to Charlotte.
    But if Peter is actually Helge’s son (which I still doubt as we never saw them together in ’86 and who would sleep with Helge..) and Tannhaus was the baby daddy, then it means that Tannhaus is the grandfather of both Peter and Charlotte.
    This town is all sorts of inbred.

  • This is awesome! Found an error for you. Under Daniel Kahnwald (1953) – you write
    that Ines becomes the adoptive mother of Jonas — but that is incorrect. She is the adoptive mother of Mikkel.

  • I was about to comment the same, Joanna.

    Taylor: **Mikkel not Jonas. The images are correct, but seems to be a typo in your description.

  • Ok, after finally moving the site over I’m back and can look at this and update the file. Is the image incorrect or just the spiel on the site? I’ll dig in and get it corrected. You guys have all made several good ideas for changes that I’ll update now. Appreciate it!

  • Fixed that one. On to the next.

  • Yes, you are right Curtis. I was initially thinking that Tannhaus was the father not grandfather. So yeah, it implies nothing. I was thinking that the person that had fathered Helge was Tannhaus not Bernd. But that is wrong. Tannhaus’s kids are not in the story, but they parented Claudia.

    But what I need to do is add a grandfather line from Tannhaus over to Charlotte. Sorry, yeah, you are right. Did I mention that I am awful with names? Let alone family trees? Oh my gosh. This isn’t my strong suit, like, at all. But now that I point my mind at it, I get it I think.

  • This is awesome work! Thank you <3
    Made a lot of things clearer.

    I'm not sure Jana and Ines are sisters, the official page says they are friends.

    That would make sense, because if they were sisters, both the families would be related. (I mean, they kinda are xD)

  • Long story short, my 12,000 pixel wide version of this image got tree-shredded when my mac hard drive bellyflopped. So, I’ve been in negotiations (literally a hostage situation) with Society6 to get the flattened big version back. (Holy Teeth Pulling Situation Batman!) There are a number of changes I want to make to the diagram, like:

    – un-sister Jana and Ines
    – connect Tannhaus as grandfather of Charlotte
    – several textual changes (Egor, etc)

    Are there others I need to add to the list? I’m close to getting the flattened file back, which means, I have a ton of work ahead of me to move anything around (like Tannhaus over to Charlotte) but less than recreating the thing from scratch.

    Thanks everyone for continuing to find changes and give ideas!!

  • I am a bit late to the party as I just finished the season a few days ago. As others have said I have been even more consumed by it since the conclusion of Episode 10. Since then, my web research has spanned videos on The Einstein-Rosen Bridge, the writings of Schopenhauer and of course theories on the show. Fortunately, I came across the page you created and enjoying all of the comments from everyone.

    I made a donation to say thanks and hope others will help support your efforts too. Please send me a copy of the family tree as eager to read the comments you added for each character. I look forward to sharing theories on Noah, Claudia and Jonas for Season 2 and following the great discussion here. Keep up the great work on a truly remarkable show/experience which has given me the best kind of questions!

    P.S. I had not heard of the move Time Lapse so will definitely check it out. I will read what you have written about it and would love to see your feelings on the 2004 film Primer. Take care!

  • Excellent work. Much appreciated. Please email me the most updated version of the family tree. I just finished the series and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around Noah. Specially if he was in his 40’s in 1953 and previously or currently married to Agnes where would he even get the idea that time travel was possible considering nothing happened previous to 1953 to give him that impression. I think it’s more likely that Noah and Bartosz are the same person. Agnes’s description of her deceased husband do however seem to coincide with Noah though. I can’t wait for season 2!!!

  • Thank you, great work

  • Hi, thanks for this write-up. I just finished binge watching the series and was curious if anyone had mapped out the family connections. Your post was the first one I found and your family tree graphic looks great! I hope you’ll get your files back so you can make some edits.

    I think I found some errors in your descriptions and I thought I’d list them all here:
    – Doris Tiedemann is the mother of Claudia, not of Tronte.
    – Ines Kahnwald and Jana Nielsen are probably not sisters. Also in the description for Ines you write that the note written by Mikkel/Micheal that was given to Jonas by ‘the stranger’ stays with him despite him trying to destroy it. This is not completely true. Jonas did destroy the letter, but the version of the letter he burned was the version that came from the future. So he burned the note 33 years late in the note’s ‘life’. This means that Jonas will, at some time in the future, obtain the original note from his grandmother again, so that he can later give it to his younger self.
    – Tronte Nielsen. You write that he was abused by his father. I don’t think we know this for sure. He was definitely abused (it looks like there were cigarettes stubbed out on his arm), but we don’t know if this was done by his father or his mother (or someone else). We don’t know how long ago his mother and father split up, and some of those burn marks looked not very old. We are also not sure that Noah is his father. We only know that he was a priest, but not a godly man. Because Noah is the only priest we see in the series, it seems likely that he is the father, but we can’t be sure. Also, Tronte and his mother moved away from their old town to Winden, but the Church where Noah and Helge meet appears to be quite close by.
    – Mads Nielsen was not found dead in 1953 (those two boys were Yasin adn Eric). Instead he was found in the forest by Charlotte and Ulrich in 2019.
    – Magnus Nielsen. From the way you have written the text it seems that he disappeared to 1983, but of course it was his brother Mikkel who did.
    – Eric Obendorf was one of the two dead boys found at the construction site of the nuclear power plant in 1953.

  • Chris you rock…
    Walking through your edits one by one right now. Also, EVERYONE, I’ve updated the big changes in the family tree connections. De-sistered a couple, and added the grandfather of Claudia connection. ETc.

    But yeah, working through your edits right now.

  • Totally feeling the Lost vibes here too. Lost is my favorite show ever and Dark has now become by second favorite!

  • Personally think that Dark could surpass Lost depending on where they go with it and how the continue the story moving. Which, I can’t imagine would be before 2019. But if they know what’s good for them, they need to film season 2 and 3 simultaneously… with both plotted ahead of time. There is plenty of story here yet to tell. So much goodness.

  • The poster looks excellent!

    I ordered the 10″ x 7″ version of the poster, intending to watch the whole series again with the poster in front of me. I was disappointed to find that the white text in the hard copy is too small to read. Is the next bigger size (18″ x 13″) legible with the naked eye? This looks like the best visual aid I’ve found yet for this show and I’d really like to have it!

  • Ill send you my big digital copy… send me an email i can send it to paul. Hit me at [email protected] thanks mate, amd sorry about that.

  • Can you post or send me the large version? I went to the link to purchase the physical copy, but it’s a dead link. Not surprised. So can I please get a copy of the original sized?

  • Can I PLEASE, pretty with sugar on top, get a copy of the LARGE file? NOT shrunk down? PLS PLS PLS PLS!!! I want the BIG one! Give me your huge one! I would have just got a physical copy, but the link is dead. It’s not there anymore. PLS! Thanks.

  • Hi there,

    On the beginning of your post you state that Dark is like Stranger Things, but to be honest looks more like TIMELESS, SLIDERS or LOST.

    Regards from México!

  • Hey there Andrés,
    I don’t disagree. The end of season 2 gets more Stranger Things, as the kids are running around together. But yes, Lost (especially with regard to Adam) is way more analogous. I don’t know if I know Timeless or Sliders. Just took a look at them and they look pretty interesting. May need to check them out. Thanks for the tips!

    Where from Mexico are you from? I’ve spent a month or so in Guadalajara working with web developers there, my honeymoon I spent in Puerto Vallarta, and absolutely adore Cancun – been several times!! The NGO I work for also has hundreds of projects in Mexico, so I have gone to Mexico several times for that reason as well. Don’t be a stranger.


  • hey, with season two out, this tree needs a major update, so are you going to update it?

  • I am from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon is state to the north of MX.

    On my page recently I wrote a post on mi blog (gutielua.com) regarding to Dark/Timeless/Lost/Sliders similarities.

    By the way, your Dark family tree will be updated after ciclye (season) 2?


  • Hey there Parnian,
    It’s actually not that far off. I think I’ve only added two new people to the family tree? Three?

    But yes, Season 2 had some significant relationship changes, and some enormous revelations reflected in the info boxes. I just finished it this morning. Working on a post and a season walkthrough for it now. Thanks for your interest – stay tuned. It’s coming out soon.


  • Yup,
    Just finished changing it this morning. I will probably post it this weekend. Keep an eye out for it.


  • Greetings! Just found your site – awesome work! I just completed watching Season 1 yesterday, so the timing is perfect. Will shortly start Season 2.

    Sent you a modest donation yesterday as well for your original copy of Season 1 Family Tree… wasn’t sure if you received? PayPal said it went through. Just wondering if you did and how I might obtain a digital copy of your poster. (Going to have to figure out how to print in all its glory. Job well done, sir!) I shall revisit when I get into Season 2.

    Thanks again,


  • Thanks for the poster. I just sent ya a 5-spot. Helps me keep it all straight as I try to remember what happened last season!

  • Great

  • Link to the family tree after season 2:
    (the picture is linked to the season 1 tree by mistake)

  • Family tree of season 2 is missing a picture of young Magnus and young Aleksander.

  • Family tree of season 2 is also missing a picture of old Helge.

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