100 Movie Recommendations Poster

I literally just spent TWO WEEKS working on an idea that came to me back during my Christmas Present recommendations post. I told you guys to buy this awful movie scratch and sniff horribleness. And then I took it back, deciding that I should give you guys a list of my own. A list with a 100% money back guarantee. I was even going to charge you for it – this thing is 9,000 pixels wide by 18,000 pixels tall. It’s flipping enormous.

But how did I come by these particular 100 movies? I was mainly looking for movies that were off the beaten path, and were able to make you think. They were surprising, and interesting. Different. I also mainly stayed with newer movies. New-ish-er movies. Movies from the last five years anyway… generally. Better yet, if you haven’t ever seen any of these movies, I just handed you a solid week of movie watching… no pee breaks, no sleep, nothing. Over a week. You are welcome. And yes, this is a donation button I am going to leave right here just in case you are so moved to donate towards my really really expensive new adoption

Now, if you don’t want to print it out on that MASSIVE plotter sitting by your CTO’s desk – maybe you can use this itty bitty one, and try and make it out. (I wouldn’t… but ok, different strokes for different folks. (The enormous one is at the bottom of this post. And if you’d like one twice as big, to print even bigger (which I would happily give away for the small price of $10) please just email me at taylor at taylorholmes dot com.) If you don’t have a plotter handy, and you’d like it in a poster size print – try this on for size. Or an art print, with canvas.

Also, within the infographic, I have noted, with a chaos of lines and colors, the movies with twist endings, dystopian leanings, are closed box, or are a thriller, or might be a mind job, sort of a movie. Want to just do all the dystopian movies? Follow the pale blue lines. Want the tricky ending movies? Orange will take you where you want to go. Ok? You get the idea. 

Alright, here you go – if you’d like the large file for printing, and checking as you go, here it is. And yes, if you’d like one twice as big, I’m happy to share that with those that are really interested. 


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