Short Film Find Memory 2.0

Short Film Find Memory 2.0

Lately I’ve taken a shining to short films.  I love the big ideas of them wrapped in bitesized packages.  They’ve really been fun to dig into and digest.  I’m not exactly new to short films – I’ve covered a number of them during my time writing here and the last few weeks I’ve had a blast getting to know a number of film directors who are becoming more and more influential in this space.

Memory 2.0 is brought to us by Dugan O’Neal.  If you don’t already know the name Dugan O’Neal, the director has been making a name for himself with a series of eye-catching music promos for some of the hottest bands around. Memory 2.0 was one of eight-finalists in The Escapist’s Prototype competition – a short film contest which sees the finalists awarded a $20k budget to shoot their films and the winner handed a film deal with New Regency Productions to develop their narrative into a feature film.  We highlighted Polis a few weeks ago, which was the film to win the competition.

Personally love how seamless the effects are in this small film.  How unobtrusive.  And yet, mind glitching has got to be a seriously difficult effect to produce on the screen.  The story is one that I can relate to, and can identify with.  If given a chance to relive a moment would I wear the tape thin in a sense?  Yes, definitely… there are a couple memories that I have that I would never leave!  (For only a small fee, I will indulge them to you.  Very nominal.  Promise.)  And although we don’t know these characters or their drivers, we still get them very very quickly.  Fantastic little film.

Congratulations Dugan on winning $20,000, and good luck winning your own film deal! So without further ado, here is Memory 2.0.

MEMORY 2.0 from Dugan O'Neal on Vimeo.