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I am the TH in THiNC. Taylor Holmes. Of TaylorHolmes Incorporated.

On this site, I am mainly known for my adoration of crazy, mindjob worthy independent films & cinema. I enjoy watching them. Analyzing them. Pontificating about them. Dreaming about them. Smelling them. Occasionally I can be found searching for old school video stores and just wandering in, and feeling all the fantastic movies on the shelves – drinking in all their technicolor gloriousness… ok, this is getting weird isn’t it? I really don’t have much of a weird-meter, or a guage to tell when I’ve crossed the line. But I think the line was back that way <——– wasn’t it?

This site started as a place for me to just talk about anything running through my mind; Zombie Virologists, Artist Interviews, Science and Planets, Author Interviews, Cinematographer Interviews, Director Interviews, and Director Interviews, and Script Writer Interviews, heck, I even wrote a book out here once. But a couple years in, the movie stuff just started getting more and more interesting. People started showing up and chatting about the crazier movies. And eventually I realized a lot of people are fairly well lost when they watch most movies. So I started collecting the crazier movies, and talking about them. Yeah, I know I don’t have the monopoly on explaining these movies. But many have found the conversations helpful. And so I throw out basic ideas about what is happening in the film – and then we are argue about them. If I could invite you all over to my basement for a beer and a chat, I would. It’s just fun to talk and dismantle these flicks in order to see what makes them tick.

So that is what makes THiNC. tick. I mostly talk about movies now. I find mindjobs and crazy flicks (a lot of times referred by you guys (that red tab at the bottom of the screen is a great place to tell me about movies that you want to talk about here.)) for us to figure out. It’s been working pretty well for over ten years now. Join in with us and help us find mind blowing movies to talk about.

Now, in this space – used to be a contact form. But I was getting so many different and extraordinarily helpful offers for assistance with my erectile dysfunction, that I figured I’d bury that extremely helpful form out back and just let you email directly instead. You can hit me up at taylor at taylorholmes dot com if you’d like to chat. And oh how I love to chat!