A Year End Interview With Myself

A Year End Interview With MyselfMan I hate these posts. But at the same time - you never know if you are progressing or learning or anything, unless you mark the passage of time. My goal here, every day, is...

Interview With Artist Shawn Huckins

Yes, I did just have a solo show conclude and it was a big success. With the texting series (The American __tier), it allowed me to work at different scales which I love.

Amazing Supercell Animations and Interview With Mike Hollingshead

I've never chased a hurricane but don't feel a massive desire to. I guess what I really want is a super close, ultrawide angle shot of a tornado. Like crazy close. Like this one. That could have been it. National Geographic used one of those on their cover in 2012. It was probably a half mile away though.

To Scale: The Solar System and Wylie Overstreet Interview

This video will make you ponder your place in the universe. It did that for me anyway. And I was also lucky enough to get to chat with Wylie Overstreet about it as well. If you ever wanted to see an Atheist and a Christian tear each other apart, this wouldn't be that opportunity.