You Might Actually Like Centigrade?

I'm an outspoken defender of Indie films. My street cred in this regard is unimpeachable. Heck, I adore single set, constrained films, that require deft and adroitness out of the screenplay author. So much so ...

Time Loop Is a Cute Lesson In What Matters

OK, so, Time Loop isn't an In Bruges, wherein I gave that particular movie 5 stars. Heck, even for a time loop movie, it isn't going to make you swoon like Time Lapse will, or Predestination, heck, or even Gro...

Class Action Park Is a Metaphor for Our Childhoods

Class Action Park Is a Metaphor for Our Childhoods. Come on - who doesn't want to take part in a little bit o' Alpine Center, Water World, & Motor World? Sounds like pretty normal kid experiences. If you l...

Are You Watching Raised By Wolves?

Are You Watching Raised By Wolves? I've had a crush on Ridley Scott since Legend. I went backwards from there to Alien and Blade Runner, and as a teen, my mind was just blown by what was possible in the world ...

I’m Thinking of Ending Things Discussed Explained

I never do this. Haven't done it. As in, this is a first. I'm literally only half way done watching the movie I'm Thinking of Ending Things and here I am heralding it from the roof tops? What am I thinking? It...

Containment Movie Explained and Reviewed

Containment is a low budget wonder. The answers to this movie's questions are held very tightly to the vest. And the conflict and chaos quickly ramp up on these poor locked up group. I definitely enjoyed the ride here. IMDB

Free Advice – Skip the Movie Ava

Free Advice - Skip the Movie Ava. Now, I get it, it's Jessica Chastain, and she's a miracle worker. Well not here she's not. Not by a long shot.

Mortal is How You Do Superhero Movies

Mortal is How You Do Superhero Movies - because superhero movies today are a dumpster fire of band screenplays and worse, they are overdone. Mortal changes all that.