THiNC. Movie Spotlight 163

THiNC. Movie Spotlight 163. I think I missed a week or two of Spotlights because the site exploded, and I was ASTOUNDED by how many of you gnashed your teeth and came running to me begging for it’s swift fix and resolution…. OK, maybe not. I missed you too. Regardless, we are back online – and we (proverbial for me) are excited about this week’s movies.


This movie is being characterized as “Breaking Bad meets Fargo”… and do we need a better reason to get to the theater than that? It premiered at Tribeca and has been touring the film circuit lately and doing pretty well. Great cast. Interesting premise. I’ve seen worse ideas in the Indie world.

2024.04.14 THE SYMPATHIZER – (HBO)

Robert Downey Jr. in a role that isn’t Iron Man? Yes, please. “Near the end of the Vietnam War, a spy who was embedded in the South Vietnam army flees to the United States and takes up residence in a refugee community, where he continues to gather intelligence and report back to the Viet Cong.”

2024.04.26 IN FLAMES – (THEATER)

A film out of Pakistan discussing family patriarchy. When a Pakistani family’s grandfather passes away, a family is forced to sign over their apartment… because property rights are sketchy at best there. The chaos starts to bleed into nightmares and spirals the family into chaos.


I was extremely excited about the original Rebel Moon. Loved the first edition of this film. I’m a huge Star Wars fan and am always looking for the next Star Wars (Non-Star Trek) entry. But, woah, I hated The Scargiver. I did not care enough about these characters to go one by one into each of their backstories. No thank you. But hey, you do you. You are welcome to it.

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CIVIL WAR – Alex Garland/A24 magical magical magical.
20 DAYS IN MARIUPOL – Horrifying. A must-see documentary.
THE TRUTH VS. ALEX JONES – Horrifying. A must-see documentary.
THE SIGNAL – Which many are likening to Dark? Meh. But still fun.
MONOLITH – Fantastic Aussie single actor closed box movie. Really fun.
ZONE OF INTEREST – Single best World War II movie? I’m still reeling.

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