London Installation of Gravity Defying Shoes by Pejac

Life needs to be filled with more wonder, whimsy and magic. And so, I doff my hat to Pejac, who managed to create a whiff of whimsy and magic with his latest outdoor installation in London in advance of a solo show. The installation is entitled “Downside Up” and can be found over in East London. More specifically, these fantastic upside down shoes can be located on Redchurch Street, Shacklewell Street and Granby Street if you are so inclined to track them down.

The shoes double as a promotional (and they are doing a fantastic job of it) for Pejac’s show which will be from July 22nd through 31st if you can make it. If I were on that side of the pond then I’d definitely make my way to the show simply to support Pejac and his dose of pixie dust he’s added to all our lives!

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