Alien: Covenant Trailer Made Me Wet My Pants

Early Merry Christmas to you all… and holy mackerel on a bob sled if the new Alien: Covenant trailer didn’t just make me piddle myself silly. From excitement. Excitement. I wasn’t scared none. I wasn’t!

But holy cow if this doesn’t signal a return to the greatness that is alien?!? Or what? We have all the old signals (bloody foot prints, goo, eggs, body explosions) and then we have new signals (like, if that spider virus going into that guy’s ear wasn’t the scariest thing ever, I. Do. Not. Know. What. Is.) ¬†Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out.

See!?! Oh how much cooler does this thing look than Alien or Aliens. (I know Sacriledge, where is Ridley after all?!) But it does look tight all the same. And fassbender looks scary scary. Just saying. I saw we do a first time meetup and watch this thing together. Denver work for everyone? Opening night? Perfect. Cya then!!

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