Carrey Shows Us Just How Much We All Need Color

Carrey Shows Us Just How Much We All Need Color

I love love love art. Art of all kinds. Shapes. Colors. Types. Sculptures. Sketches. Paintings. All kinds. Every kind. As this blog was firming up what it was, and before anything was clear, this thing could have just as easily have become an art blog just as easily as it became a movie thing-a-ma-jig.

So when I tripped about this short little film about Carrey’s paintings? I literally had a heart attack. Like, full blown coronary. Here. Just watch this dangit. It’ll cost you like 5 minutes. Almost nothing really. No… do not click away dagnabit. Watch it! Click play!

See?!? Surprisingly brilliant. Did you see Jim Carrey in the Bad Batch? I mean, did you? All throughout I was thinking… what has happened to Jim??! Whatever it is, it’s a decidedly good thing. And now that I’ve seen this?! Are you kidding me? This is fantastic! Some of these paintings are shockingly good.

Do you have any idea what I would do to get a warehouse like this, and a place to just play?!? Do you have any idea how fantastic this is? I look at this and watch as he doodles on a canvass and then tosses it aside to the next canvass to work on another doodle and idea and I about faint. Do you have any idea what those canvases cost?!? Like a 3 foot by 4 foot canvas is something like $250. That ultra enormous one he was painting on laying on the ladder cost thousands. THOUSANDS. And the warehouse!?? Where is that located?! What an opportunity he is having!! Just pushing and playing and trying to express what is inside of him? Wow.

And I have to ask… the section where he discusses Christ? And his accepting eyes? Would love to know more about what he is thinking about there. Would love to hear him just pontificate a bit. I was fascinated. Just blown away. And this was just a six minute little film talking about his need for color in his life. I really don’t know much about his story. Was he divorced or did he break up? Oh oh oh oh… didn’t he have a girlfriend die from a drug overdose? Something is ringing a bell. Right, and he was a pallbearer even? Wasn’t that maybe in the time frame he is talking about here?

Not that it really matters. We all have heart breaks and sadness and things that are screaming from the inside out. We all want to be loved. We all want desperately to be accepted for who we really are. Each and everyone of us are scrambling to be known and to be loved. Which reminds me of this performance piece, a speaking poem, thing… that reminds me very much of Carrey and the words that he is saying here.

As a back story to this piece, it is referring to the woman at the well, that Jesus met in John 4:1-42. She met Jesus and He knew her… saw her… and spoke to her like she really mattered. This is the Jesus I see Carrey referring to here in his discussion of the eyes of Jesus that are compassionate and understanding.

To be known is to be loved and to be loved is to be known. Color. Life. Being known. Being loved. Are you? Carrey Shows Us Just How Much We All Need Color…