Most Beautiful Island Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Oh man, I’m just going to jump to this trailer – watch it – we’ll talk after:

Ok, so this looks like an infinitely better version of the movie Circle? Or maybe an even better example of where the Most Beautiful Island is going more towards Requiem for a Dream? (Which, reminded me of the book The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen… which in turn reminded me of the best book ever written… which is by David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest – which in turn reminds me of the movie, The End of the Tour… but I digress. One thing you have to know is that all 7 steps of media separations will ALWAYS lead back to Infinite Jest. It’s just how my brain works. And yours too if only you had read it. Hint. Hint.)

But back to this trailer – GAH YOU GUYS ARE SO DISTRACTED! STAY ON TARGET! – this looks like a fantastic day in the life movie of an immigrant in New York just trying to make ends meet. Oh, and by the way? Everything that can go wrong does go wrong sort of a film. And next thing she knows? She’s flipped into a real world edition of the movie circle. Or something? Can’t really tell exactly what is going on here… and granted, I sort of watched the trailer with squinted eyes, between my fingers. I really don’t like to ruin movies with trailers, especially once I am really fascinated with. But anyway… this looks like a brilliant movie that will cover everything relevant to today. Immigration. The plight of the less fortunate. “The American Dream”. Man, seems to be hitting all the right notes from a distance anyway. Cannot wait.

Do you guys have any other movies that you can’t wait to get your hands on?

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