God Would Like You To Impact A Life

Help Adopt A Child

Alright, so this post is a several years in the making effort. But here it is. The skinny: My wife and I believe that God wants the two of us to adopt a kid or two… and to impact their lives for the better, forever. I’ll be stark raving honest here and say that I really don’t want more kids. (Stick with me here.) My goal isn’t for Four. Or Five for that matter. But pulling a child out of poverty? Loving on them until they can’t take it anymore? I’m all for signing up for some of that. Totally up for that.

So where/when did this all start. It started with a full court press attack by God one Sunday morning in Church. The pastor (Jimmy Dodd) was basically walking through the sanctuary with a spiritual wrecking ball and my life was his destination. Not sure exactly why but Carolynne heard the exact same thing I did – and neither one of us was interested in adopting five minutes before the sermon started. So, God said the same thing to both of us at the same time. Ok, intense. But I had an ace up my sleeve. I’ll get to that later. First here are a few of the details:

Country: Haiti
How Many: One or Two
Gender: A boy(s)
Estimated Cost: $40 to $50 thousand

I giggled a bit at the thought of adopting a child. Laughed out loud even. And I said to God – if this is your goal for my family – then you figure it out. Because I am not able to make something like this happen. I know that we were called to adopt. And I know that there are others of you called to invest in a life and pull a single life out of darkness. I know this as surely as I’m sitting here. You aren’t in a position to adopt yourself, but you are in a position to support someone like ourselves to make it happen.

So, you – in effect – are the fleece. My apologies for calling you a fleece… but that’s exactly what you are. You’re my ace in the hole. And that is because we know we can’t do this on our own. I don’t have 40k or whatever to make this thing happen. But collectively we do. I hate asking for money. Dislike it big time. But this isn’t something solely for our family to participate in. This is a community movement that is ready to surge together and make something amazing happen for one or two amazing little kids. I know it.

How Do I ACT?
In the upper right gutter of this blog there is a big Orangey block of clickable goodness ready and waiting for you to escort your money out of your pocket and into the lives of these two little ones. Carolynne has written a good blurb about all this from her perspective. You can also read about it on her FB wall as well if you are interested.

Another way to act – is to check this link out: https://www.taylorholmes.com/adoption – it is an idea I have had since we started this process. Think about it like an Adoption Kickstarter. Once you get to that link, if you click on the page it will take you to the next image. It is very similar to other paypal type solutions, but this will be geared towards matching up adoptive parents and donors. Just another idea running around in my head, that you may be called to help support. If you are interested in supporting that effort, contact me directly in the contact link at the top of the page.

Mainly though we are looking for partners in pulling 2 more kids out from under the darkness of extreme poverty. If this is something that pricks your heart and makes you get excited please jump in. Another amazing way to support us is to pray. I would LOVE to know if you are praying for us or not. Email me and let me know and I’d be happy to add you to our emailing list if you’d like.

Regardless, we know that God is doing something cool here. Know it know it. And we are excited to see where it takes us. Thanks a ton for partnering with us in this endeavor to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. (Yeah, I stole that tag line – deal with it.) Hahah. Anyway – God bless you for considering a donation towards this effort. God bless you for praying for this effort. This won’t be the last you hear about this, that is for sure.

Until next time!
Taylor, Carolynne, Alexa, Ashton, Anica & two players to be named later!!