Sandra Bullock Will Win An Oscar In Alfonso Cuarons Gravity

I am on the record, as of right now, that Sandra Bullock will win an Oscar for her leading role in the movie entitled Gravity.  And yeah, its not even out yet.  October 4th would be the day you need to go to the nearest enormous IMAX 3D screen to enjoy it yourself.

At the face of it, “Gravity” is the very definition of simplicity.  Take two astronauts who are working on a space shuttle, add a satellite explosion with supersonic debris heading their way and you get one of the tightest 88 minutes in film history.  The debris rips through the shuttle and sending the two astronauts out into space.  The rest of this nail biting movie is all about figuring out how to survive.  Oh, and maybe possibly make it back to earth where they have loved ones waiting for them.

The long takes are what get me… the first cut alone is 13 minutes.  Throw in space travel and impending doom and you have one brilliantly setup movie on your hands.  But then deliver a back story and characters that have to grow very quickly in order to survive and it is Oscar heaven.  I promise you at least one leading Oscar for Sandra Bullock.  I’m doubting the Academy will give a similar nod to Mr. Clooney.  But hey, it could be a sweep in the leading roles.  Who knows.  That would be huge.

And just because I can – here is the 5 minute trailer that will just blow your mind and make you wish you owned a time machine in order to get to October all the faster:

This is a huge huge movie. Can’t wait to remind you all that I called her winning even before the movie had even released. Yeah. I’ll remember. Don’t worry.

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