Amazing Artists We Loved in 2013


Over the past year I have stumbled upon a number of amazing artists that I have noted and collected. I tend to find myself keeping tabs on them once in a while in order to see how they are coming along. There really are too many to keep track of them all, but I have listed out some of the “better” amongst the long list I have accidentally tripped across. Obviously these are my opinions alone – so if something you see here is offensive (or offensive in its banality) feel free to blame me directly. But maybe you’ll find one or two you truly enjoy.

In order to appreciate these pieces fully, you really need to click them to see them at a larger resolution.  It just wont do to just see them at 165 pixels wide.  Promise.  Go on, CLICK THEM.

Alberto Seveso – dropping art

Dropping, is the natural evolution of Seveso’s previous works wherein he used ink and water. This time trying something different, he used oil instead of water and the outcome is amazing as you can see below. Dropping Art is a tribute to Jackson Pollack who was an enormous fan of chaos theory.

dropping3 dropping2 dropping1

Sunga Park – architectural wonders

Absolutely love Sunga’s atmospheric watercolors and her inks that pull architectural goodness out of thin air. I’m guessing her watercolors take less than a half an hour. And yet they are so rich and illusively illustrative to the larger building and constructs she is alluding to. Love this style enormously.

sunga park 1

sunga park 2 sunga park 3

Andre Schmucki – glances

I have no idea how Andre pulls these illusions off.  I have a guess that he paints a subject like anyone else would.  And then he does washes over the top to obfuscate the original subject.  It gives the effect of a blurred window pane between you and the subject.  Which causes a whole range of other emotions.  Its gloriously complicated.  Love him.

andre schmucki 1 andre2


Yorgos Papakarmezis – Atlas

Yorgos is a bit grittier than the rest of the artists here.  So if you don’t dig him.  No worries.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.  But I love the texture he brings to every painting.  Fascinating compositions.

papakarmezis papakarmezis papakarmezis

Ed Fairburn – Topographics

Ed Fairburn is one of my new favorites.  Absolutely love the idea of using maps of stars and continents for his backdrops of his portraits.  And that the effect was achieved by no more than ink blots is fantastic.  He is amazing.  No?  I mean, is he not?

ed-fairburn-a ed-fairburn-1 ed-fairburn-2

Samuel Silva – gallery

Yes.  These photorealistic images are to die for.  But you don’t know half the story yet.  Wait for it.  Samuel Silva does them… with Bic pens.  Seriously.  Yeah. You really can’t possibly appreciate what that even means.  I can’t either.  It’s too massive a fact to truly comprehend.

vianaart1 vianaart2 vianaart3

Michael Aaron Williams – ledgers

The texture of these pieces by Michael Williams are to die for.  The fact that he uses old ledger sheets (who knows where he gets them, or if he creates them and then distresses them?)

girl-back-fading michael aaron michael aaron

Sergio Albiac – Hubble

Sergio generates his art using photos and other media, like Hubble space images, then creates interactive pieces that basically evolve out of the systems he creates. In his Hubble series he invited users to upload self images which he then morphed into images like the middle one below. Pretty amazing. When will computers create “art” on their own? Or are they already doing it?

star4 star01 star3


And that’s it for our Amazing Artists We Loved in 2013 post.  If you’ve come across some amazing stuff I’d love to hear more about it in the comments section.  Don’t hold out on us.  Have a great year, and keep art’n it up.