Gallery Animation Installation by Caleb Wood

Hand Drawn Animation by Caleb Wood

I’ve done my own fair share of animation.  In the Eighth grade for my final art program made a formal foray into stop motion by animating a chess set that ended in a nuclear explosion.  The super eight film may be somewhere in Florida right now?  Not really sure.  Maybe I’ll try and track it down.  But I have been doing quick dashes into the animation world all my life.  So I just giggled when I saw this whimsical video by Caleb Wood out on Vimeo.

Caleb Wood hand drew this animation frame by frame … on a wall… at the Prøve Gallery in Duluth, Minnesota.  Which is awesome on like a million fronts.  The video above shows both the animation itself as well as the behind the scenes creation effort.  Its a “gallery animation installation”.  Eh?  Awesome.

So here is one I did out on Instagram a week or so ago before I had any idea this guy, Caleb Wood, had done this. Just a funny coincidence I guess?