SIT A New Promising Artist To Follow

SIT A New Promising Artist To Follow

I follow a ton of artists. A few are heart stopping. Some are complex or politically riveting. But there’s something about finding another amazing artist to add to the list. Do you have a list of artists you keep tabs on? I mean, not dead artists that you like. You know, current artists that you track and pay attention to. Like maybe, track when a new series comes out. Or when a new print is available to purchase? You get the idea. Anyway, SIT, a new artist from Amsterdam, has definitely been added to my list.

Here is my favorite answer to a random interview he gave recently. Love it.

If you could decorate one place in the world what would it be and how would you do it?
I would paint the ‘White House’ black with a brush and a bucket of paint.

Right.  Interesting.  Wonder how hard it would be to photoshop the Whitehouse black?  HrMMMmmmm. Regardless, you can learn more about SIT here at his website.








I am currently in negotiations with the gallery director to see if I can purchase this last piece I like it so much.  But her price at this point is just a bit outside my price range!  But I love it all the same. Maybe I can talk her down a smidgen.