All 253 Messi La Liga Goals In One Sitting

messiAll 253 Messi La Liga Goals In One Sitting

I’m not a HUGE football fan, but I am a huge football fan wannabe.  I enjoyed watching most of the matches during the World Cup.  May even take up Man-City as my preferred club to follow, if it weren’t for the whole “I-Have-No-Idea-What-I’m-Doing” problem.  But generally I am just an admirer from afar. Which is why I love this roundup of all 253 Messi’s in la liga.  Which is a new lifetime record.  This video lets me experience them, and yet, I don’t have to change my life too drastically to understand what is going on here.

After just watching the first 20 or so, you will realize the reason Messi has gone so far so fast.  Its his touch.  It’s just amazing.  He can bend the ball like no one’s business, but more impressively are his drop shots.  His sand wedge play is beyond amazing.  Layups are his thing.  Quickly flipping the ball just over the goalie’s head shot after shot.

And if 253 shots are too many for you, you can watch the highlights of the highlights here…

Regardless, he is a marvel to watch whether I’m a true fan or not. Kudos to you Messi on your accomplishment good sir!