Eye Teleporter Kickstarter Awesomeness


Eye Teleporter Kickstarter Awesomeness

This kickstarter is awesome.  Its awesome mainly because it solves a problem for me.  And I hear you saying, how could this random telescope craziness solve ANY problems, I mean really?  So glad you asked.

Well, at work, my web developers are armed to the hilt.  With Nerf weapons that make many of Arnold’s weapons throughout the years look like child’s play.  These guns are serious stuff.  Rapid fire.  Full auto.  Massive clips.  Discs.  100 foot range.  It can get incredibly intense up in there sometimes.  And from their bullpen, they drill me with basic impunity.  But with this little kickstarter? Actually looks a lot like this some days…

But with this awesome eye-teleporter I would not only look like a complete boss… hehe… but I would also pwn my guys without a care or a worry in the world.  Right?  Maybe I should just build one myself and mount it to my wall.  Awesome.  Definitely.  Seriously need to make this happen.  Or, you guys that just love this blog more than life itself… cough, cough, could donate one my way!!  Brilliant.  Thanks for offering!


I could actually return fire without a chance of being shot!  What more could a manager ask for?  So if you interested in one, you can find out more information here.