Stop Motion Box Trolls and Free Will

Stop Motion Box Trolls and Free Will

I absolutely adore stop-motion.  I have since I was but a wee-lad with a Super 8 camera and projector purchased just to play with the medium.  Didn’t really take it very far, but I very much wanted to be an in-betweener for Disney, until I realized what an awful job that would be!  Not to mention that computers would one day make that particular job obsolete!  Regardless, hust the other day I instagramed a fun little game of chess with my son as a “stop-motion” game for the world to see me get shellacked by my son…

Ashton cleaned my clock at chess this afternoon. Great game buddy.

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Anyway, that wasn’t what I was here to talk about. ME?! Talk about me? NEVER. I came out to show you just a glorious bit of world within a world commenting on the world within the world inside out, outside in-ness of this glorious Box Trolls short.

Come on. That is gorgeous. “I think they’d make a meal of it.” Like, literally brings a tear to my eye gorgeous. All of it. Man’s cleverness. The fantastic-ness of the sound design. The voices. The writing, and the circular reasoning. The unaware-self-awareness of it. And the cleverness of the stop motion overlaid with the animator. GAH! Gorgeous. Some days I wish I had become an impoverished tweener, heading towards the oblivion of obsolescence. But just to be a part of something truly beautiful like this! So good.