Neill Blomkamp Alien Sequel Madness?


Neill Blomkamp Alien Sequel Madness?

You liked the movie Alien.  Of course you loved Alien.  EVERYONE loved the movie Alien.  Aliens another seriously awesome kick butt movie of intergalactic madness and mayhem.  Sigourney Weaver was insane.  Alien 3?  Of course.  Alien 4, filmed in England and crazy dark madness.  Enter mad-house of convicts and insanity.  Alright, maybe you didn’t like that one as much.  I totally flipping loved it.  But I’m weird that way.

But, then came one Neill Blomkamp… who had NOTHING to do with the entire Alien universe.  At all.  Because it was Directed by the ever-brilliant Ridley Scott.  And Ridley doesn’t need help.  None.  Zero.  Ridley has done absolutely nothing wrong in his entire career (oh, maybe except Exodus… but let’s not go there.)  I mean, Alien, Prometheus, Blade Runner, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, etc etc.

blomkampWhere was I?  Oh, right.  I remember now.  Accept, all of a sudden.  Out of nowhere, there came a guy who had been involved in visual effects and ads… and then got a shot.  What did Mr. Blomkamp do with that shot?  Oh, not a lot.  Just, oh I don’t know, directed District 9!?!?!!!  D9 was epic for an out of nowhere director to pull off.  It was a huge 3 point shot from out of nowhere.  Like a whole ‘nother stadium out of nowhere.  (Which would be hard seeing as though it’d have to go through the stadium ceiling, oh never mind.)

Well, Neill-never-forget-the-second-L, just posted a day or two ago a few, oh, I don’t know, Alien design sketches detailing out some of the greatest concepts in the Alien universe ever.  First, let’s take a peek at them:

I will begin and end my jaw-droppedness explanation with the design of the mothership INSIDE the hangar.  Obviously it would seem that someone, in their infinite brilliance, decided to bring the mothership to Earth?  To the Weyland corporation headquarters?  Seriously?  Greatest idea ever.  They’ve been working on militarizing the Aliens for generations.  What would happen if they managed to get it home?  Only glitch?  Blomkamp commented on his images on Instagram with:

“Was working on this. Don’t think I am anymore. Love it though,” he wrote. “They didn’t really even know I was working on it”

Interested in checking it out yourself?  Here is Blomkamp’s Instagram account.  But as I read it, there is already a Prometheus sequel on the way.  Could it be that Fox bomb-shelled the idea because of that?  Better yet, maybe Blomkamp knew that there were million idiots like me who would post the HECK out of this news… and show Fox the groundswell of “OMG”-ness that would proceed forthwith.  The only flaw with this theory is the mister Neill with two L’s is new to Hollywood… and he wouldn’t napalm the hand that has fed him would he?  Already?  Wait, he did create D9 after all.  Yeah, he would.

So let’s hope that the groundswell of public support gives Blomkamp the greenlight to run with this idea.  Because it would sort of be like Jurassic Park when the park actually opened (Jurassic World) and is filled with millions of people.  Right?  Alien + Earth = Holy Cow Amazing.  It is so expansively good all my breakers just flipped.  I can’t move.  Alright.  Let’s do it Neill!!