3D Cardboard Safari Genius

3D Cardboard Safari Genius

Oh my merciful and fantastic creator are these guys in Virginia the epitome of uberness and all things cool!  You can purchase cardboard builds of everything from a human skull, to a mounted boar, to a stag, to a spaceship?!  This is the shizzle right here!  hahah.  Each of the cardboard builds go for like 30 to 40 bucks.  But the idiot in me is like, um, but I want to MAKE one myself!  Hey, though if anyone wants to purchase one for me… I’m particularly partial to the skull and the limited edition box set!  hahah.  His name is Vince apparently?  Here’s what the owners of Cardboard Genius have to say about their shop:

Creativity, conservation, and collaboration are paramount to our mission. Meticulously developing products on the computer and cutting precision parts on the laser, our designers strive to meld simplicity and sophistication in their sculptural works of art. The consumer has an opportunity to participate in the creative process by slotting together and embellishing the final forms.

Our materials are locally sourced and 100% recyclable.

Create. Conserve. Be Clever. There is a little something for everyone – the hunter, the hipster, the aesthete, the child, the executive, the artist. These delightful topographies help people get in touch with their inner crafter, their sense of humor, and their sense of place.

Here are a few more of my favorite designs that they have available for purchase.