Facebook A-Reel Competition Uncovered


Facebook A-Reel Competition Uncovered

I left Facebook a long long time ago.  Alright, granted, I do have an F-book account… with one friend (my lovely wife.) but that’s different.  And some of you have even started discovering it, and friending me.  Hahah.  Sorry.  It’s going to remain at one friend, thanks.  Sorry about that.  Regardless, this video is a lot of the reason as to why I plan to not use F-book ever and to not wander back to the voyeuristicness of that crazy world.

I am very proud of these guys at HigtonBrothers for telling it like it is.  Or isn’t rather. For going with the depressing truth that fuels the craziness of this hamster wheel. Maybe we should all collectively choose a more honest path? One that says, f-it… I’m actually quite sad today. Maybe even in need of some serious prozac? I know that I for one am not perfect. Occasionally here on the blog I’ll get someone that just lights me up one side and down the other for being a dork, or being cocky. And I’ll have to remember what an idiot I am and apologize. (Has literally happened 3 or 4 times in the past year alone.)

But if we are all acting like we have our crap all together, how can anyone be real with anyone about anything? And without a level of reality in your life suicide becomes a very real alternative. And that is not an option. Kind of reminds me of this ad – but this ad isn’t funny. Its fully real. And entirely full of itself. COME CHASE OUR A-REEL this ad says. Come sell your soul to business and success. Come tell the world you have overcome. Spit in the face of those below you… you are the Übermensch!!

World at Your Feet from Redrow London on Vimeo.

The thinness of this lie is so incredibly amazing. And yet this crap works apparently. As do the lies on facebook, and the rest of social media. But here’s a tip… lies, all of it. Lies. So why don’t we all just amp the A-reel down a bit and amp the honesty reel up a few notches. And maybe we can realize that there is something out there that is worth living for