Monty Python Reunion Dead Parrot Sketch


Monty Python Reunion Dead Parrot Sketch

The Geek Manifesto:

1. To be a proper, well-bread, geek one must have read The Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy 12 times.

2. In order to be a full blood geek of quality and cluelessness, one must be able to count in binary and hex.

3. Only the classiest of geeky-dweebs have not only read all the classic choose your own adventure books, but written one as well.

4. Serious geeks have put their underperforming D-20 dice in time out more than once.

5. But of the utmost import is that a real blue blood geek will be able to recite all of Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

And to that last item, I have a treat for you real geeks out there.  I’m sure you already knew that Monty Python was performing again together on a reunion tour.  But only just recently have they begun to release any of the videos from the reunion out on Youtube.  And its a riot to watch.  Not because they are better than the originals… not at all.  But because they are laughing at themselves not being as good as they used to be.  More than once John Cleese drops his lines and Michael Palin standing there in pain, hoping he’ll come up with his next mark for him to respond to.  But alas… Palin just says his line out loud for him.  Its fantastic, and the crowd just eats it up.  There are homages to Graham Chapman in mid-sentence and mid-sketch.  There are laughs inside of laughs inside of homages.  Its really classic Python, and it has to be seen to be appreciated.

So grab your taped glasses, and get your pocket protectors for one last spin… and enjoy this sketch’s final lap into the sunset.