1st Annual Christmas List for Geeks

Curious what to get the Geek Guy You Love (GGYL)? Well, I have geek credentials coming out my ears. If you would like me to flaunt my Geek Cred for you, I could. But if you are desperate to purchase something for your loved one. And he's a geek. Then you've come to the right place. Promise. Any one of these items will just spontaneously blow your guy's mind. Promise.

Facebook A-Reel Competition Uncovered

I left Facebook a long long time ago. Alright, granted, I do have an F-book account... with one friend (my lovely wife.) but that's different. Regardless, this video is a lot of the reason as to why I plan to not use F-book ever and to not wander back to the voyeuristicness of that crazy world.

Reddit April Fool’s Day Button Still Going

Personally I believe that the button is someones brilliant Doctoral Thesis in the making. The paper will inevitably be titled, "On the Social Ramifications of Arbitrary Delimiters as Experienced by Reddit and the Button." Guaranteed.

Black Leakage Decals Ooze Goodness Into Your Life

Black Leakage Decals Ooze Goodness Into Your LifeOccasionally I trip across things that make me double take. Black Leakage is one of those things. Simple enough idea, black decals that are dripping oil from...