This making of how to train your dragon 2 will blow your mind

how to train your dragon 2 making of
This making of how to train your dragon 2 will blow your mind…
No really. I am dead serious. It will. And if it doesn’t, just mail back your friend card and we’ll call it good.

Well it’s Oscar season, and the struggle to the top of the pile is at an all time fevered pitch. All the trades are on fire discussing the merits of Birdman over Nightcrawler, or Grand Budapest vs. Boyhood. I mean, it’s understandable, right? There’s a ton, or shall I say, a veritable buttload, of cash riding on winning that little gold dude. Increased TV rights value. Increased video and streaming purchases. Increased spin offs. Increased everything.

But I’ve yet to see anything as full tilt a press as this push by the guys at Dreamworks. They have created a 1 hour making of movie walking the layman through all of the wonder and beauty involved in the creation of How To Train Your Dragon 2. I mean, even the first 3 minutes are worth your watch. It shows the initial exciting flying scenes with toothless. The falling, the flying, the interleaving helix of chaos before just missing the ground. And all the way we see the sketches, the matte painting the modeling, etc. I am a huge animation dweeb so maybe it’ll strike me a little more than it does you. But if you ever wondered what it took to create an animated movie these days, I think the answer might just blow your mind. (Click the image below for access to the movie)