Build A Super Cheap 10 Dollar Hanging Ski Rack

Hanging Ski Rack Plans and Instructions

I drew up these plans thinking nothing of it. Over 10,000 downloads later and I’m realizing this is a pretty cool little solution.

With that in mind please seriously consider donating a buck or two.

I am seriously considering charging for it, but would prefer not to. Just a buck? It’s worth a buck or two. No? I spent an entire weekend experimenting and documenting the results. And voila, just like that, you get a free weekend back!! Hahahah! The download includes 10 pages of plans, the detailed schematics, the materials list, the installation instructions, the list of things to watch out for, the works. It’s definitely going to save you a ton of time figuring it out yourself.


When you and your growing kids start skiing, and skis begin to propagate like freaking bunnies, you need a place to put them.  The problem we have is that we have to keep all our skis so that as our kids grow up they may grow into them… and thus, we have about a million skis lying around.  Where should we put them all?!? So when we bought our skis this season I decided I’d had enough.  Until now we have been just piling our skis in a corner of the garage.  Yeah, not great for the skis, and not great for the clutter quotient of the garage.  To solve this problem I began researching what it would cost to buy a rack to mount on the wall in the garage and I just didn’t want to pay over two hundred bucks or whatever to get all the racks I needed to handle all our skis.

And so I started researching the best ways to build a rack that efficiently handle our skis.  I considered closet setups, and bench configurations.  I looked into mounting them on the ceiling, but I didn’t want to have to get ladders out to get at them.  I considered a horizontal solution.  I thought about brackets for the bindings, and a leaning method for them all. And I even considered building a hover ski rack container for everything… but I didn’t want to win a nobel in the process.  I just needed a place to dump my skis quickly.  And that was when I realized that there was a super simple solution staring me in the face.


My Hanging Ski Rack Plans and Instructions became super simplified when I realized that if I just used two dowels, I could hang the skis vertically and simply.  And blam, I had it all figured.  Except… that would be a lot of torque on the dowels… how in heavens name am I going to have enough strength in the construction to pull it off?!?

skirack4But then it came to me – the magic formula and ratio for the dowels and the spacing in order to support the weight.  If you’d like that magic ratio and installation instructions, consider donating now:

After figuring out the magic ratio, all that was left, was screwing the baseboard into the garage studs.  Two guides holes every foot to match with the studs, and then hitting them with two two inch screws in every guide hole and you are done.  The weight of the skis will be perfectly balanced on the tips, and the countersinking of the dowels will support the weight perfectly. Voila, you are done. Happy storing!



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11 Responses

  1. egd

    I have been searching for a post with this much detail (dimensions, pictures) for the past 3 days…I was about to give up and on my last search I came upon your tutorial (CAD dwgs what?!?!!). Thank you for posting and hopefully there were more than 4 people looking for this info!

    I’ll be attacking this project this week, woohooo!

    • Taylor Holmes

      My pleasure… and if anyone wants my sketchup file, I think I can find it somewhere. Not sure exactly why you’d want it, but whatever! hahaha. Glad so many people are getting great use out of the plans.


  2. Pace

    This rocked, made it for my small storage closet and it was very easy to adapt. Thanks for the info!

  3. Lee Nuttall

    Wahoo! Gonna save me a fortune with the kids growing up!! (Although have spent said fortune having convinced my wife I need a bigger shed so I can do these projects and save us money!!) Thanks though!

  4. Lucy

    hmmmm , when I click on donate I see only an ad for PayPal Credit. Happy to donate a dollar but I can not find the details… thank you


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