“Creep” by Postmodern Jukebox

Creep by Radiohead is my favorite single song ever. No contest. Nothing comes close.

That’s hard to do. Do you know your favorite single song? Not album. Not band. Song. Do you have it right there on the tip of your tongue? No. You don’t. Because it’s hard and requires lots of thought and it might depend on the time of day, or how you’re feeling at any given moment. But fore me, none of that matters. It’s simple. Radiohead wrote the perfect song and nothing has come close to offing it from the top of my charts.

thom-yorkeIf at this moment you don’t even know the song just leave. No wait, no wait… let’s educate you! We can do this! Here is a link to Radiohead performing their original song. Head off, listen to it, soak in it a while… then come back. Because once you have that song in your veins and that itch is there and burning a bit… I want you to listen to this just angelic version of the same song. Totally a different arrangement. Completely different meaning with a beautiful female singing it instead of the freaky-deaky Thom Yorke. I mean, right? “I’m a freak, I’m a widow… What the hell am I doing here?…” sung by Yorke makes perfect sense!  Haley Reinhart is bringing something totally different to the table. Maybe a Beautiful Liars feel? Or maybe a 10 Things I Hate About You feel maybe?

Regardless this rendition just oozes pathos all the same. Definitely worth your while whether its your favorite song ever or not. I really do think you’ll enjoy it. Then head out to itunes and pick it up because its worth it!  hahah. I did anyway.