There’s A Single Nuance to the Movie Jonathan

It's fascinating when you go into a movie thinking one thing, and you come out with something completely different. That's exactly what happened to me today with the movie Jonathan. I mean, we have a quasi-fam...

Why You Should Be Watching The Innocents

One of the things that I talk about most here on the blog is how much I disdain it when a director, or screenplay writer talks down to the audience. Which, has got to be hard seeing as though we are all a bell...

A Simple System For making 5 to 10% a month

A Simple System For making 5 to 10% a week in two easy steps. Will this work for you? Obviously I have no idea. But is it a con? No. And does it stand a chance to double your money fast. Yes. Yes it does.
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test paypal post

test paypal postDonation AmountYou Made My DAY!!! $3.00 USD Uber Thankful!! $2.00 USD Thanks! $1.00 USD...

Astronomy of the Day Shoulder of Orion

Like a ship plowing through cosmic seas, runaway star Zeta Ophiuchi produces the arcing interstellar bow wave or bow shock seen in this stunning infrared portrait.

Wild Animals Roaming Wild

Wild Animals Roaming WildThere is a Vice article running right now talking about flooding in Tbilisi which has caused the zoo animals to run free. The featured image is of a man raising his hand in defiance...

Watch All Six Star Wars Movies Simultaneously

Watch All Six Star Wars Movies SimultaneouslyI think I've told this story before, but its never been more appropriate than right now. A few years ago now, when I was leaving my current job to join my curren...

Twin Strangers Randomness and Erata

We’re three friends (Harry, Niamh and Terence) who have set ourselves a pretty unusual challenge: to see if we can find our Twin Stranger or lookalike from anywhere in the world.

“Creep” by Postmodern Jukebox

Creep by Radiohead is my favorite single song ever. No contest. Nothing comes close.That's hard to do. Do you know your favorite single song? Not album. Not band. Song. Do you have it right there on the tip...

Bitter Lake Unveils The Power of Story Telling

Bitter Lake Unveils The Power of Story TellingThis post came simply enough... it was caused by a mistake during a conversation while in the Philippines. Looking back on it, it was incredibly embarrassing, a...
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Underground Games As Philosophical Epiphanies

Text Games As Philosophical Epiphanies I have recently fallen in love with what many people are doing in the game arena with raw text. So much so that it has changed the way I look at game development. And I...

Experimental Web Game Entitled Within

In that same vein, at the end of the year this last year, I ran across an experimental web game entitled Within.  I saw an article about it on Zite, (which is dying, but how I find all the really cool stuff hiding on the interwebs - not looking forward to finding something else to replace it.) and then went to download and play it.  But it was as if the game was a ghost and didn't want to be found.  I caught whiffs of it, and scents of it, but poof.  It was gone.