Sean Yora Artist Paints Gorgeous Reflictive Portraits

Sean Yora Artist Paints Gorgeous Reflictive Portraits

Sean Yoro, who guys by Hula… is a New York City based artist that headed to Hawaii and ran from the big city. I am personally grateful he chose to ditch the city that never sleeps and share his art with us.

Hula actually paints while sitting astride his surfboard. Personally, I have no idea how he does it. Painting I can do. Surfing I can do. But painting whilst surfing? No thanks. No thanks at all. Personally, I am very curious if he has painted below the waterline. There are several of these photos that sort of shows that there is something else there. Maybe I should play with the levels in photoshop and see. Anyway, I adore these reflective portraits. They really are very stunning.






Hula also does more traditional work  which I’ve posted examples of below. And apparently his shop will be opening early in June where you will be able to purchase some of this amazing work for yourself.