3rd World Red Carpet Celebrities

3rd World Red Carpet Celebrities

I recently ran across a fellow that took the photos from a recent party he had had and photoshopped celebrities into them. That particular gents name is Everett Hiller and he’s a genius. If anyone knows him personally you can let him know that I think we’d get along famously. Here are a few of my more favorite shots he’d pulled together:




See? Brilliant. Beckham? Just hanging out at your party? Fantastic. Barrack and the guy in the back bombing his conversation? Hahaha. Love it. And there is Emma, just paling around with your buds. Serious goodness.

Anyway, that was when I was thinking about other ways to pull celebrities into photos and realized that if you took Celebrities off of their red carpet environs and dropped them into the 3rd world it might be better than just randomly funny. It might actually say something and might actually support a cause that maybe matters? At least to me. So I thought I’d pull together a simple test. I grabbed a random shot from one of my recent trips to the Philippines and went looking for a lovely couple on the red carpet… and voila.







I’m loving these conglomorations so much I’m seriously considering putting them up on my society6 page¬†as prints. Just heartbreaking to see this kind of extravagance embedded deep inside the third world. Its sad enough seeing poverty without averting your gaze at all. But to compare it to the just sort of stupidity of our celebrity culture and it just becomes something else entirely.