Interview With Model Animal Artist Taylor Holmes


Interview With Model Animal Artist Taylor Holmes

cell-case-one-red-bubbleSometimes you see something that makes you pause a second and say, wait, what? And then you keep moving… and that ‘wait what’, just sort of percolates in your brain. That’s how we felt when we first saw Taylor Holmes’ brain breaking art installation #modelanimal. There was a whole lot of wait, what? going on.

We aren’t entirely sure, but we are guessing that the artist’s intention was to change how we perceive the world around us. Models gamming it for the camera, well, what if it were animals? Or maybe he’s saying something about the underlying disposition of the person modeling? Instead of a guy in a suit, its a hyena, cackling in a suit for the camera? Is this model shoot really something that is being honest with the viewing public? Or… possibly, Mr. Holmes is just having us all on? I’m not sure. Well, it’s good that he was available to sit down with us and chat about the different works and his hopes for his first show.

And as the images just kept coming back to us, over and over again, we knew we just had to find this guy and get him to talk to us. Unfortunately, he isn’t represented by anyone, and so it was difficult to track him down. But once we did he was happy enough to talk with us about this mind-bending, reality changing images.

THinc. – Thanks so much for taking time out to talk with us today here at THinc. We are honored to be able to spend some time with you and dig into these works that you have shared with us all.

deer-webTaylor – Yeah, sure, I guess. Thanks for asking me to be here.*

THinc. – So let’s just jump right in and get to it. Where did this concept of the #ModelAnimal come from? Where you considering the plight of children and animals in Africa, and it came from a response to that suffering? Or, maybe it was a result of ridiculousness of the modeling world today? Tell us, we are definitely intrigued to find out what this is all about.

Taylor – Well, to be completely honest, I’ve been asked this question a ton. Like everyone I know keeps asking me this. And the answer is actually fairly disappointing. I really just wanted to fill in my Instagram Home screen with a single idea and see what happened.

THinc. – Wait, what?

Taylor – You know, like, would it increase likes?

silverbackTHinc. – Likes? I’m sorry I don’t understand. Because obviously your Gangsta Pandas piece is a cutting edge biopic on the chaos of the inner city, and the animal nature of our psyches left unchecked by the ravages of modern life. No?

Taylor – Um, eh? No. I just thought three bandana pandas would be cool. And look good on a mug out at Society6. Or maybe even as a sticker from Redbubble?

THinc. – A STICKER? Wouldn’t it make more since to start doing some large scale inner city installations and collaborations with the likes of Shepherd Fairey, or better yet, El Mac and even Retna? Here… think about it – it could possibly look something the image we’ve generated below. See? Retna’s glyphs. Your Bandana Pandas. Innovative inner city commentary about the animal world we live in today. Brilliance.

Taylor – That is a really really big sticker.


THinc. – No, you could paint that. We just mocked that up, to show you just how cool a collaboration between you and Retna would look like.

laptop-cheetah-model-animalTaylor – I think you are misunderstanding what I am doing here. I’m just fiddling around with cool combinations and just having a bit a fun with it. These “works of art” as you are calling them take me fifteen minutes and make me laugh. That’s about it. And heck, might just work on a laptop cover?

THinc. – Oh yeah, huh. I can see what you mean. That laptop decal looks pretty sweet. But, obviously, the leopard loo..

Taylor – Cheetah

Thinc. – Right, cheetah, sorry… that cheetah would really look good on a laptop. Right? But isn’t it just a commentary on the fast as lightening cheetahs of this world preying on the slower and more vulnerable among us? Isn’t it some sort of social commentary intended to illicit a response amongst the unwitting masses?

Taylor – No, not at all. A Cheetah Guy scratching his head just made me laugh. He’s awesome. I love the combination. That’s about it.

THinc. – So, I’m guessing there is probably not going to be a stand alone art gallery gala, and show in some über chic gallery with all kinds of brick and white?



Taylor – Oh, I hope not. But hey, any galleries out there that are interested in buying framed prints of the #ModelAnimal pieces, I’m slowly putting them all up on Society6… and they are more than welcome to do their own show. Maybe you could go and speak on my behalf… and do that thing that you do.

THinc. – What thing?

Taylor – The over-complicating thing… when you say all that stuff, that makes it all sound smart. And witty. Or whatever.

THinc. – “And witty, or whatever?” No! I honestly thought you were speaking to the plight of the impoverished voiceless masses crying out for an audience with the power brokers of our society and…

Taylor – You are doing it again.

THinc. – Gah.




*- the entirety of this interview was done only for entertainment purposes, and shouldn’t be taken seriously, like at all. Any. Thanks though.