Innovative “Painter” Michael Murphy Just Blew Your mind

Innovative “Painter” Michael Murphy Just Blew Your mind
When I first saw a still photo of this “painting” I thought, oh nice… it’s in the style of comic book Ben-Day Dots – I’ve always wanted to try that. Very smooth. I wonder what other paintings Michael Murphy has done in this style? So I hit play, and the painting turned into a sculpture right before my eyes. Here watch – you’ll see.

Right? – balls and string. Clever eh? The thought of correctly sizing the balls, the string, and the placements to make this effect work perfectly is kind of a crazy thought. Didn’t watch the video? Or you don’t get what the big deal is? Just check out these images of the complexity involved in making this illusion work.

The detail involved is pretty intense. But if you thought this was difficult to pull off – try out Murphy’s latest piece.

I’m not as big a fan of this piece, but considering the intricacies is fascinating. In my head, I am considering the hundreds of photoshop layers, and the detail necessary in order to get enough coverage to show the woman’s face. Pretty fascinating. Apparently Michael does a ton of corporate events and has done extensive work for Ted Talks, Nike, and even was comissioned to create a piece of Obama for the Time man of the year. Let’s finish up with that piece. It’s reminescent of Shepherd Fairey’s Hope piece.



Pretty amazing the types and styles of artists out there today, and the kinds of works that are constantly reinventing the definition of “art”. It’s good stuff. Thanks Michael Murphy for blowing our minds!