This? Oh, this is nothing. This is just the greatest movie poster of all time…


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      • Jon

        My heart would break if they make him the bad guy in the mask…. I would eat it up, but my heart would break. Are you insinuating something else??????????

      • Taylor Holmes

        I obviously don’t want to inadvertently drop spoilers out here… but this Luke Skywalker is Kylor Ren theory is the epitome of stupid. We already know that Adam Driver plays that role. That was released forever ago by Disney. So that doesn’t even make sense.

        But YES, I had a point in asking. By creating an absence, you created a positive… a not negative. If you know what I mean. By leaving Luke out, you have defined the plot of the whole movie. I know more about the plot than most, so I’ll stop there. But that is another reason why this is the greatest ever. It sets up the new characters, bridges them to the old, and defines the battle. All in like 1800 square pixels. Pretty crazy.

        Why do you think Luke is absent? We have all the information we need. Be curious what your theory is…

      • Jon

        The tales are all about Luke and Darth, they are the ship. C3PO and R2D2 are the captains, and Han and Leia etc. are the skippers. Since Mark is no Harrison, one explanation is simply that he is cut to a minimum. That makes little sense as skippers with no ship will drown. I think and hope Luke is the central key figure in the story arc still. The poster is good vs. evil, and perhaps Luke is residing to a place that cannot be defined as either… and for this reason he is kept under wraps out of the poster… it is all very exciting Another reason could be that Luke really is more in the sequel…

      • Taylor Holmes

        Hey Jon,
        Luke is not going to be Luke in the new movies… promise. Luke is going to become Yoda. Has to. So, think that through and I think we are probably going to be close wrt the direction the new movie is going to go. It’s not going to be a one to one correlation. Because Yoda had his crap together… and Luke barely did. If that makes sense. I just think it’s so fascinating that people just don’t intuitively see it. But hey… I could be wrong. Never happened before, but hey. hehe.

    • Taylor Holmes

      Oh don’t get me wrong… Alien is über. Like, great grandfather über of the greatest kind. But that movie poster is kinda meh. We should do a post about the greatest movie posters of all time. Man. Really has me thinking now. And by the way I’m watching Alien currently in the background. hahah. Thanks for that.

      • Jon

        Eerie, dark, scary, curious, powerful, strange, empty, full, unforeseen… estitically beautiful. One tag line. No “meh” in sight my man ;)

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