Guest Interview with My 7 Year Old Daughter Anica

Guest Interview with My 7 Year Old Daughter Anica

IMG_3996A month or so ago I put the call out for individuals who are interested in being interviewed. I do a ton of interviews here on THinc. – of artists, movie directors, writers, etc. But I figured, heck, it’d be fun to interview a few average folks that frequent the site. And a couple of you threw your hand in the air and said, oooh ooh, me! Those interviews will be coming out over the next week or two I’m sure.

But in the mean time, I had a blast today interviewing my youngest daughter. And thought you guys might get a kick out of it too.

So a little about her before I launch into our interview. Anica is a precocious seven year old. My older two are wicked book smart and love to let her know it. And yet she dances a social jig around the two of them. She’s the one with all the friends, and all the amazing connections. From the age of two she was making friends in a heartbeat. She’s constantly pushing for more. More of life. And more fun. While my other two generally take what they are given. So yeah, she’s a handful. Times two. But a blast all the same.

Today, she and I spent most of the morning together. Starbucksing. Playgrounding. And played groundies for most of the day. You guys know groundies? The game is basically tag… but if the person searching for the others climb onto a playground equipment paraphenalia thingy, they have to close their eyes. But if the people running get off the equipment, and the seeker yells out “Groundies” they are it. Make sense? Right. So while we were playing I would occasionally ask her questions and chat with her as she was pummeling in the game.

And the first thing she decided she wanted to do was to share a painting of her’s with you all. Which I’ve included for you here. And that is where we launched the conversation starting point from:

FullSizeRenderTaylor – 
“So what is the title of your art piece that you are sharing with us today?”

Anica – “My Own Starry Night – but I’m not finished with it though.”

Taylor – “What else do you need to do on the painting before it’ll be completed?”

Anica – “I need to draw houses and I also need to draw the Eiffel Tower, and color in the sky.”

Taylor – “What is your favorite kind of art to make?”

Anica – “I usually like to use colored pencil, and gooey paint.”

Taylor – “What the heck is gooey paint?”

Anica – “I don’t know, I mean I know what gooey paint is, it’s paint that’s gooey and you can make it stick out of the canvass.”

Taylor – “Ah. Got it. Thanks for the clarification. Who is your favorite artist?”

Anica – “Claude Monet”

Taylor – “Why is he your favorite artist?”

Anica – “Because I like nature and paintings of nature and I also like his backyard… And that’s where he usually painted.”

Taylor – “Oh? Who knew? You seem to know quite an awful lot of about classical painters, why is that?

Anica – “In our class we’re learning a lot about influential painters, and Claude Monet and I don’t know, the person who made Pointyism, and he’s French.”

Taylor – “Isn’t it called pointillism, not pointyism?”

Anica – “I looked it up in a dictionary, and Pointyism is spelled point P-O-I-N-T-Y-I-S-M, and pointyism in French means point.”

Taylor – “Alright, fair enough, so what is Pointyism?”

Anica – “It’s where the painter uses little dots for the pictures, and the people who look at the painting, the points form shapes with their brain, and the shapes make the painting out of the points.”

Taylor – “Ok, wow. Thanks for agreeing to do this guest blog post interview with me, is there anything specific you want to tell everyone who reads this?”

Anica – “I like to paint.”

Taylor – “A lot of times when I interview people here I asked them what they think the meaning of life is all about, do you have any thoughts on what the meaning of life is all about?”

Anica – “What do you mean?”

Taylor – “Well, what I mean is why are we all here on earth?”

Anica – “Jesus was lonely and he wanted people to be with him.”

Taylor – “Ok, fair enough, what makes you happiest about being in the world?”

Anica – “That I can do art, and climb around and have fun.”

Well, at that point she’d had enough, and she decided that she was going to be the one asking the questions. Kinda took me off guard a bit – but I thought, whatever, let’s roll with it and see where it takes us.

Anica – “What’s your favorite hobby?”

Taylor – “I like writing blog posts like this one, with you, but I also like drawing and painting, I like videogames, but most of all I enjoy being with you.”

Anica – “What games do you like to play on Xbox?”

Taylor – “A game called Destiny is probably my favorite game. You know the one I am talking about right?  The one with the shooting and explosions.”

Anica – “When did you start playing Xbox?”

Taylor – “Probably but for you were born by about two years 10 years ago.”

Anica – “Where you excited when he started playing it?”

Taylor – “Well sure.”

Anica – “What was the first game you played?”

Taylor – “I don’t remember now, but it was probably a game called Halo. Which is a lot like destiny actually.”

Then, having had enough with the Xbox questions, I figured I’d flip it back to questioning her a bit…

Taylor – “If you had one day to do anything you wanted all day long, what do you think you would like to do?”

Anica – “Dance.”

Taylor – “That’s it just dance?”

Anica – “And paint, and ski.”

Taylor – “So, this day would be in the mountains…

Anica – “In Switzerland.

anica-slideTaylor – “Oh nice. Can I come?

Anica – “Sure, to Opa’s house in Interlaken.”

Taylor – “That is a lovely place to spend the day. In the winter then?”

Anica – “Well, yeah, skiing.”

Taylor – “Got it. That sounds like a pretty fun day.”

Anica – “Oh and swimming, don’t forget swimming. Did you add swimming?”

Taylor – “I added swimming. What is the funniest story you like to tell your friends?”

Anica – “I don’t know.”

Taylor – “You don’t have any funny stories that you like to tell that has happened to you before? Am I weird that I have a bunch that I like to tell?”

Anica – “I have lots. But I don’t know which one to tell you.”

Taylor – “Oh that sounds promising, won’t you share just one with us?”

Anica – “Oh ok, one time, you were in the shower, and I jumped out and said boo.”

Anica – “And you freaked out.”

Anica – “And I laughed and laughed.”

Taylor – 

And there you have it. My daughter Anica has left the building. It was a fun day is all I know. But I think I would take a mulligan on my choice to spin on the merry go round thing, with her pushing it. That definitely was not my favorite part of the day. But otherwise, a successful day all the same. Thanks for joining our little chat.