Café Society Looks Heart Stoppingly Good

Café Society Looks Heart Stoppingly Good

I write on a blog because it allows me the ability to say whatever the heck I want to say. And what I am about to say will be disagreed with… by 90% of the planet. AT LEAST. But that is why I write on my own blog, it allows me the privilege of being able to say whatever I want to say about whatever. Yay ME!

Let’s play a game. I’m going to give you three names. And then you are going to A) Keep reading with a huge stupid grin on your face, B) Hit the back button as fast as humanly possible, or C) Run screaming from the room in search of Drain-O to pour on your face. These are your options. Ready?

Woody Allen. Kristen Stewart. Jesse Eisenberg. 

Yeah. I figured that was what you’d pick. Now that I am left to chat with that single solitary insane person to wander through, take a look at this awesome trailer…

So good. Woody Allen is always money. If you are a fan of brilliant dialogue, then that is why you are still here. That and the fact that this movie is set in the height of Hollywood. Or maybe you are incredibly shallow and thoughtless, and you solely care about the fact that Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg are in this film? Sure, sure.

No, seriously though, I am an enormously, gigantically, seismically, huge Kristen Stewart/Jesse Eisenberg fan. Not a huge Kristen Stewart fan. Not a huge Jesse Eisenberg fan. (Though I am that too… eg. see Clouds of Sils Maria, or even The End Of the Tour.) More specifically though, I am a huge Kristen/Jesse fan. I mean, take this bit the two did together in promotion of the film American Ultra…

Brilliant that. (See, this is AGAIN, wherein being the master of my own blog domain suits me incredibly well.) I am the 1%!! Oh wait, I got that the wrong way round. Ah well. Anyway. The humor there is brilliant. Just the slight eyebrow cocking from Kristen, the Jesse trademarked double taking… Fantastic.

Anyway, it would appear that Woody Allen is opening up Cannes for the third time – which is the first time anyone has ever opened Cannes up three times – coming the middle of May. (Did I ever tell you about the time I got invited to Cannes? I really should tell you about it. Or, you could just click this link. I think that’s the right link anyway… that might have been my story about the squirrel and the tree shredder? That’s a funny one too that.) And similarly, this is the third Jesse and Kristen movie, Zombieland and American Ultra (which are both better when you see them as narrative sequels to one another. Still shady on the order… but roll with me here.) being the two predecessors to Café Society. So, random thought of the day… will Café Society be the Prequel to Zombieland and American Ultra? Which would mean they are actually vampires? Or something? Anyway. I seriously digressed right there. The, my ownership of the blog thing, can go a bit too far sometimes, I readily admit.

Anyway, the film looks like another Moonlight in Paris type of period piece. With love and intrigue and chaos… the likes of which only Woody could bring. And again, if anyone happens to have frequent flier miles they want to donate my way so that I can get to Cannes in a month, I’d really appreciate it. I’ll figure out the whole, no invitation to the ball thing later. Promise me. I’ll get in. Just get me there! hahah.