Henrietta Harris and Her Marvelous Faceless Portraits

Henrietta-Harris-The-Faceless-1Henrietta Harris and Her Marvelous Faceless Portraits
I’ve always adored the detail and the curves, the contours of sketches of hair. I enjoy playing like I know how to sketch hair, but I really don’t. But I’ll tell you what… Henrietta Harris not only knows how to sketch portraits, but she also knows how really sketch hair. You may not be into these portraits, but man I am totally into these sketches. Here is a snippet from her bio:

Since graduating in 2006 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Auckland University of Technology, Henrietta has steadily built up a name for herself as an emerging New Zealand artist. She has skillfully hand-drawn hands, faces, brains, glaciers and more which have appeared in shows all over New Zealand, Australia, London and New York, on t-shirts, on record covers and in fine print publications.

Her paintings often involved portraiture with a departure into the surreal with faces skillfully obscured and misplaced by the clean sweep of a brushstroke. She primarily works with watercolor paint on paper. Clients include Vanity Fair (France), The Department Store (Auckland), Karen Walker, BITE Magazine, Flying Nun Records, VERAMEAT, Coffee Supreme (New Zealand), Ruby (New Zealand), and many more.

Can you tell I wish I was an artist? Sure sure, I have a “creative practice”, but dangit, the grass on the other side seems so much greener! hahah. I know I know. I’m sure it’s tricky to pull off. But let me have my greener grass on the other side of that dang fence!