Independence Day Historical Documentary Campy Brilliance

What happens when, twenty years later, we look back on a movie’s impact on our culture? Here’s what… we get a brilliantly campy ‘historical’ documentary remembering the terrible times our species went through when we were attacked by aliens. We remember the fallen heroes that left us 20 years ago… and we remember how close we came to the brink of disaster.

We also get a review of our preparations for protecting ourselves from a “potential” future attack. Riot. I am still unsure what I think about this movie and our second INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! In it’s day, Will Smith rocked the house. And in it’s day, it was all kinds of cutting edge. But will Independence Day Resurgence be any good at all? Part of me is very very hopeful… but there is another side of me that says… this formula has been played. How else can they do it? Aliens come. Big war. Earth is on the brink of succumbing to the much much bigger ships. Humanity has to huddle for warmth in the darkness. We stumble upon a new hack, and a new way to upload a new virus to kill the hive mind. We celebrate.

Now, granted, if the movie is as clever by half, as this documentary of our global war in 1996… heck, it may actually blow my mind. What are your thoughts? ID42? Yeah? No?

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