Free Photo Edit Give Away For A Little Business Advice

Free Photo Edit Give Away For A Little Business Advice

Generally on this site I give. And I give. And I give give give. It’s really all about you. (cough.) But today? Today it’s all about me. I have an idea, and I need your feedback on said idea. And because you guys are so SERIOUSLY in my debt, I’m sure you will be kicking and shoving in the comments section to give me ideas on what I ought to do about said idea. No? Right?! Right. Oh alright, I’ll give you guys something too. To the very first 5 people that comment about my questions below I will give a free custom photo edit away. Any photo, Any size. I’ll do my very best to help you do whatever you need done to your photo. Remove a person, add a person from a different photo, restore a thrashed photo, whatever you can think of, I’ll try and do it.

Alright here’s my business idea, and the one I need feedback on. So the simple idea is this – you know how, whenever you and your family, or your best buds, or you and your dog and your cat, get together to take a photo someone always, always says, “Don’t worry, we’ll just photoshop it.” Right? Doesn’t that happen in your world? Or maybe they don’t say Photoshop, maybe they say, don’t worry we’ll fix it in instagram later. Or whatever their funny tool of choice may be.


Right? But that’s usually because, it’s hard. And takes some expertise to get it right and not look really awkward. So the idea for the online business is just a service that will take those nine awful family portraits and blend them together. Or, what if you just want to amp a photo up?


giraffe-bomb3Is this photo not ideal enough for you? (Sorry, random photo I found on the interwebs.) What if we add a giraffe? Would that help? Or? Better yet? What if we add a flock, a murder, a pod, a herd, of giraffes to this photo? What is a group of giraffes called? I literally have no idea. Wait one.

HOLY CRAP! “A group of giraffes standing still is called a tower but a group of giraffes in motion is called a jenny.” Look what I accidentally taught you today! And ME! A tower I get, but a jenny? And it changes depending on their movement?!? What arcane lunatic decided this truth? And is he having us all collectively on? He must be. REGARDLESS. What if we add not only a single standing giraffe, but an entire TOWER?! (See what I did there. I am using my learning in order to cement it in my brain. Give it a try, you’ll like it.

Regardless of the pod names for giraffes, you get the idea.Ok, 100% truth? The 2nd photo is the original photo – the one with a single giraffe in the background. I removed┬áthe giraffe and made it the “original”. Which brings me to another point, what if you and your husband took THE PERFECT picture? Minus your son photo bombing in the background? Yes, normally, he’s the center of all your photos. And yeah, he’s hellacute. But not right now he’s not. Because you have exactly three photos of you and your husband in the past year, and this one is the perfect Facebook profile pic, minus the lil photo bomber. You could use this service.

What about removing photobombers? Or just generally cleaning up a scene to make it better overall. I personally have a MASSIVE photo print of my wife and I standing next to a massive carriage and horses. The snow is coming lightly. It’s a perfect photo. But there are two people getting out of the carriage. Normal. No bombing happening. Just that it would be an INFINITELY better shot if they weren’t there. So I can relate to this need personally. Here’s an example of a potential before and after result:


But hey – why even let this guy know you were bothered? When you could get even? I mean, he photobombed you, why don’t you photobomb him and let him know that you are one to get the last laugh?! All it takes is a little forethought, some digital paint, and a little crazy-glue. And voila! We have a Kraken coming out of the see to haul this insane brother-in-law out of the frame for us. No?! Come on. This is what Photoshop was made for. Literally.


Can you imagine printing a glossy of this thing up and mailing it to him? How priceless that would be? Anyway – so my question to you all is this… how viable of a web store front would this thing be? I imagine that the edits would be in the 10 to 30 dollar range depending on the complexity (and the ingenuity) involved. If you just want red eye taken out, and lighting improvements, 5 to 10 bucks? I don’t know?!?

What do you think that would be worth to you? And thus the point of my post… if there was a handy place where you could send your photos and get them back looking better than you had them, would that be a service you would use? Also, can you provide me with common sense phrases that you would search for in Google to find a service like that? And the final thing you can help me with – what do you think I should call a business like this? I have like 10 ideas, but would prefer to hear your ideas first! So one more time, here’s the advice I need:

  • Is an online bespoke photo editing service viable?
  • What kind of photo edit needs do you have currently?
  • What would you pay for the types of edits you could see yourself asking for?
  • How would you search for a service like this?
  • What should I call this editing service – domain name? Business name?

Now, as to the free give away. If you comment, and answer some of the above questions or concerns that I have, I will photo-edit any one photo that you have that you’d like to see improved. Please note, if you are ok with it, I would like to use your before and after photo for a followup post talking about the outcome of the give away. I won’t if you’d prefer not, obviously. I will contact you immediately after you comment to get your photo and the details of how you want it edited. But hurry I’m only going to give away five custom edits for free!

So what do you think everyone? Viable? No? Valuable? No?