Combo Pool Is The Newest Viral Game Coming Your Way

Combo Pool Is The Newest Viral Game Coming Your Way

Indie Gamers and Indie Development Jams are about as cool as geek gets. What is a development jam? Think sleeping bags, Mountain Dew, and 72 hours straight of uninterrupted development alongside others who are working on the same game or different games together.

I’ve talked about some Indie Jam winners here before. And I just can’t get enough of their clever and witty brilliance. So I went looking for the Einstein behind your coming new favorite game, and luckily he was more than happy to chat with me about this new or new Bejeweled Blitz idea. (Yes, I really do think it will be that big eventually.) But before you read the interview – try out the game and then see what is coming next. You can try it out here.

(this interview thing has been edited liberally to make us both look like we aren’t on Twitter. deal with it.)

combo-poolTaylor: “Adore the Game. Very infectious. Reminds me of 2048 for Billiards. Where’d the idea come from?”

Antoine: “Well it did come from 2048, and three. It was during the P8Jam2 and the theme was ‘Chain Reaction’. So I was thinking about a physic game but I searched for a puzzle element. The exponential idea of Three seems orthogonal to the physics so it complement and works well.”

Taylor: “Ahhh! Yes, it’s a brilliant chain reaction game. Very addictive too. I see you are planning on an iOS/Android version? Do you have a timeline for either?”

Antoine: “I just released an Android version today. You can test it here: iOS could be possible too.”

Taylor: “Fantastic, hahah, who knew? Is your Android version a web view of the site? Like did originally?”

Antoine: “The web playable format on the top doesn’t work with touchscreen, but below, there is a download link for a packaged Android version.”

Taylor: “Oh great, then I will have to dust off my Android Tablet and try it out. Can’t wait. Are you supporting it via ads? Is it for sale? Love indie gaming, want to see you get the support you deserve.”

Antoine: “No ads, it’s ‘Pay what you want’, so you can donate what you want when clicking download.”

Taylor: “Hopefully that will hook you up. The idea definitely deserves some serious bank! hahah. Can’t wait to see where the idea goes. Congratulations.”

Antoine: “Thanks, it’s great to talk to someone that likes what I do. You can check out my other games on as well.”

Good point here that he is making. Antoine has seven other interesting old-school games that you can check out as well. You can do that here. My personal favorite is ‘Path of Supernova’ another addictive little game that. It was then that I started getting curious about how the game could more complicated, or added features for continued fun and enjoyment.

Taylor: “While it is infectious, from my own experience, a chance to go deeper would keep me playing longer.”

Antoine: “I am thinking about maybe making a larger version, with challenge puzzles more complex levels or game changing items. But nothing concrete yet.”

Taylor: “Right right, like complex levels with bumpers or blocks in the way… super cool. Lots of potential here. Like MINES!! hahaha.”

Antoine: “It would be cool yes. I just need to keep it simple and intuitive. Like, “It’s perfect when you removed everything you can.”

Taylor: “Can’t argue with that. Definitely.”

So go check it out if you haven’t already. Fantastic fun little game, that if done correctly, I really do think it will be the next infectious 2048 or three viral game. So, kudos to you Mr. Zanuttini. You have a winning formula on your hands my friend. Can’t wait to see what comes next for you!