1st Annual Christmas List for Geeks

Curious what to get the Geek Guy You Love (GGYL)? Well, I have geek credentials coming out my ears. If you would like me to flaunt my Geek Cred for you, I could. But if you are desperate to purchase something for your loved one. And he's a geek. Then you've come to the right place. Promise. Any one of these items will just spontaneously blow your guy's mind. Promise.

Star Wars Week Madness Is Here

Oh yeah, this is the week of the latest Star Wars movie premiere. It just doesn't get any better than this week my friends. Fun meter baseline limits are set right here... and yes, this makes me a geek extraordinaire.

Black Leakage Decals Ooze Goodness Into Your Life

Black Leakage Decals Ooze Goodness Into Your LifeOccasionally I trip across things that make me double take. Black Leakage is one of those things. Simple enough idea, black decals that are dripping oil from...

Technologically Induced Ennui And Escort Solutions

Its funny how many see this news article that men are paying for female companionship while gaming and think it cute. Or funny. I think its just one more sign that the world is sadly slipping into oblivion.

Serious Geek Wantage PIXELKABINETT 42

Serious Geek Wantage PIXELKABINETT 42 I have an arcade case for my iPad called an iCade... and its pretty cool. But this Pixelkabinett 42 takes it to a whole new level of Geek Awesomeness. It's an arcade ca...

Falling Down The Alfa-Arkiv iPad Game Rabbit Hole

Where the game slips a bit is also its strength. If you come expecting to "play" just forget it. But if you want to get immersed in a story, this is your game. Sometimes, even for me though, I found the barrage of information (most of which was in Russian and available in translated versions) to be too much.

Entirety of Atlantic Slave Trade In 2 Minutes

Entirety of Atlantic Slave Trade In 2 MinutesIts rare that information completely transforms the way you think about something. I mean, it does... but never really completely. Well. I mean sometimes it does...

David OReilly and His Mountain

David OReilly and His Mountain - David OReilly of Her fame has created a video game. The game is ingeniously entitled MOUNTAIN, which is a mountain simulator. Which seems silly in the extreme, except that it is also brilliant. David was the designer of the video game imbedded within the movie Her. You know the one, the one with the annoying little kid that swears like a sailor? Yeah, that game. Mountain is his first actual video game, but if it brings his standard gorgeous design capabilities to it (which we think he has) then it should be a gorgeous experience.