Want to support Taylorholmes.com? Sure you do.

Want to support Taylorholmes.com? Sure you do.

This really isn’t an NPR marathon donation request (we aren’t broadcasting until x million dollars are raised and until everyone is comatose from the constant monotony.) But it is an ask of sorts. If you dig what I do here, a cool way to support the site would be to pick up one of these sweet tees. (If I do say so myself.)


(Is this guy a zombie or what? Seriously. Like, his eyes? They are dead. Is that how one models these days? This is my magnum pose… and this? This is my blue steel… ) Anyway, I tried to find the coolest (read funniest looking, non-normal looking) posers I could find to show you my new t-shirt design and I think I NAILED it.

BUT I’M A GIRL YOU SAY!? I get that. Blue isn’t for girls. PINK, now PINK is for girls. (hahaha… sorry, you should be laughing with me, not throwing things right now.) Here’s one with pink and red, grunge and graffiti. It’s even cooler than the guy one, because, look at her pose there. That says, I rule the streets with my THinc. shirt on dang it.


But those are white t-shirts, and really, yeah not cool enough for my money. I need cooler coolness to support taylorholmes.com. Yeah, black. I need some black. And I need some serious star power. K. Alright. I get that. I can handle that. Here. So I hired Zac to show you what is really possible here with this black THinc. shirt.  (Alright so I didn’t actually. I just stole his photo from the interwebs. But it’s funny. And it makes me chuckle… Efron modeling for me. hahaha. I mean, it’s funny until he sues me. So, why don’t we just not tell him? Great. Thanks for that.)


See? That is all kinds of cool. Thanks Zac. You are a gentleman and a scholar for lending me a hand. But let’s be honest here. The people that read THinc. definitely are Zac’s people. I think maybe we’d roll a little bit more like this guy right here. I actually dig this guy big time.


Come on! That guy is awesome! Is it weird I totally want to touch his hair? Cause I totally do. And yeah, I think I just singlehandedly offended my entire readership. You guys are geeks. Just get over it. Have you read any of your comments lately? Just take a step back, and read them from an outsider’s viewpoint and yeah, you are this guy. Totally. (Sorry.)

Right, well, what next? Well, here’s what next… Click one of the different options below and buy one. You know you want one. And seeing as though this site is a MASSIVE MONEY LOSING PROPOSITION, I figure, heck, get a shirt, help me pay for this sink hole, and we are both happy. Brilliant eh? hahaha.


thinc-sleeve-blue-pink thinc-tshirt-blue-grey thinc-tshirt-brown-pink