The OA Episode 3 Theories and Explanations

The OA Episode 3 Season 1 Theories and Explanations

Episode 1 and Episode 2 of Netflix’s series The OA has been one constant revelation after another so far. We found Prairie again after being gone 7 years. We learn that she was blind but now she sees. We discovered how exactly she went missing and we have realized the true terror of the situation she was in. And now, in episode 3 we learn a lot more about Dr. Hap and his evil home of experiments. I can’t wait to chat with you some more about this show, and then get on to watching Episode 4! So without further delay, let us away on the OA Episode 3 Season 1 theories and explanations journey!

The OA Episode 3 Overview

Episode three kicks off with a writer trying to convince Nancy Johnson that she can tell Prairie’s story and provide both for the Johnsons as well as for Prairie and her recovery needs. But when the writer chats with Prairie about how she helped another abducted individual that was taken at 8 and returned at 15, Prairie responds with, “Jaime’s story has an end, my story doesn’t have an ending yet.” Which brings us back to the feeling I had back at episode 1, that the most interesting sections of this story weren’t going to be the backstory in the past, but rather the current time period and future.

And then, we are back with Dr. Hap in the little house of medical horrors. I wasn’t sure as I was watching, but I think there are four abductees? (A fifth was found dead in the bathtub later in the episode maybe? Which makes me wonder, did Hap kill that woman in the bathtub to make room for Prairie? Why was she killed? As I watched, I just assumed she was killed as a result of the crazy experiments he does. But looking back on it now… seems like it may have been a more utilitarian death? Dunno. Maybe as the season progresses we’ll see more details on that particular front?) As far as I was able to ascertain, the abductees are Palmer, Homer, Scott & Rachel? Is that right?

But it is interesting that Prairie is given a chance to assist Dr. Hap, make him sandwiches, clean up around the kitchen and to help in many ways. Prairie assumed that it was just because Hap assumed she was blind that she was frail or that he did need to worry about her. Which came about when she told him that she needed sunshine, breeze, that as a blind person she wasn’t going to survive this captivity.

Which then brought us back to the Five for a quick check in with the story telling and their lives. Specifically back to Steve Winchell, “Families suck.” which the OA responded with, “Not all of them do, not the ones that you make out of strange pieces, it doesn’t seem like they should work but they do.

“It’s hard to kill a man, harder to let him die.” brought us back to the past Dr. Hap storyline. Prairie had begun to stash sleeping pills in order to make Dr. Hap a meal that would allow her to poison him and kill him. But after he took two bites, Dr. Hap started heaving and freaking out. Come to find out, he was allergic to tomatoes. He got an epi-pen shot and heaved up the rest, and was ok.

Prairie later found herself in the bathroom with an opportunity to get the football ring of one of the other abductees that he wanted to mail out. So Prairie also got a letter from the bill pile so that they could return mail everything out to Verizon, or wherever. (Which seems like a flawed plan at the very best, but whatever… I’ve never been abducted, what I do I know?) But Prairie stumbles upon a corpse in the tub, which I referred to above in my longwinded parenthetical note.) Her name, apparently was August, and Hap mentioned that she died right before Prairie got there. But Prairie ends up losing the letter that they wrote to the bill provider in the current of the stream when they were passing it back and forth.

And, in an episode full of failed attempts, the worst one is when Prairie pushes Dr. Hap down the stairs. Prairie busts out a window, and the starts hauling tail as fast as she can. But stops short of a cliff, overlooking an above ground mine. She stands and listens to the vast expansive sound. And then gets cracked in the head by a pan, fade to black. End of episode 3.

Current Theories and Explanations for The OA

I don’t think our understanding of The OA, of her lunacy, or her validity have been supported any more or any less with episode 3. I have not changed any of my theories so far from episode 1 or episode 2. I still think that we are dealing with a supernatural flatlining experimenter that uses his abductees for his own scientific ends, but in so doing unlocks some other world? Or other location, mentally or physically… or both. But maybe with the next episode we’ll have new data to go on for supporting new or old theories at play in this show. We shall see.

Overall thoughts of Episode 3

Jason Isaacs as a very pleasant evil person was an inspired casting decision. We have yet to see anyone flatline, but that is only a matter of time I’m certain. I am even guessing that next episode we’ll get some flatlining happening? Four will be the half way point of season 1 of The OA afterall. But regardless, how much basement experimentation can you handle? Me? Not a ton, thank you very much! hahah. But I am still as enamored as ever with the show, with the characters, and with the malevolent direction this thing is going. So much goodness and potential. The nesting dolls continue to open… and we continue to see deeper and deeper into the bowels of this idea.

Believe you me, I am trying to write these primers and walk throughs as fast as I can! Oh, not for you. But for me. I’m dying to find out what happens next.


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