The Handmaiden’s Tale Is Now Added To Your Must Watch List

The Handmaiden’s Tale Is Now Added To Your Must Watch List

I had heard a few rumblings that Hulu was doing a Handmaiden’s Tale remake. But I had absolutely no idea it was going to be this full tilt and this horrifyingly good. Have you read the book? Possibly one of the most relevant and poignant books for this new day. A book about human rights, women’s rights, reproductive rights, etc etc etc. It’s one big massive mind job of a book. One truly significant book that should change the way our most election went down and our next four years.

Regardless, the story is about a woman named, no not named – but called, Offred. Of-Fred. Or, belongs to Fred. Whom she does belong to. And Fred happens to be the commander of the district who rules the area and maintains order. Offred has been given to the Commander and his wife in order to assist them in having a child. Yes. That’s right. This book is all kinds of awful and simultaneous awesome. Reminded me a lot of The Man In The High Castle or maybe 1984? All three deal with a scary dystopian yet plausible alternate reality that is coming if we don’t listen to the street criers.

Anyway, I challenge you to watch this trailer from Hulu and tell me this doesn’t look amazing:

And look who it is!! Elisabeth Moss as Offred! Absolutely absolutely adored her in The One I Love. Oh yes yes, Madmen as well. But The One I Love has been a huge fan favorite here on THinc. Oh, and who is the Commander? None other than Joseph Fiennes! One of my personal all time favorite films of all time is definitely Shakespeare in Love.

It’s scheduled to head our way in April, April 26th to be exact. And season one is planned for 10 episodes. Could they make two seasons? Yeah, they really could seeing as though the book jumps forward at the end and basically is a lecturer telling of Offred’s story and how she was lost to history eventually. Maybe she was executed. Maybe she made it to freedom. Who knows? Which I would think would be a lot space to grow Offred’s story. Personally can’t wait for this thing to hit the ground. Seems like Netflix, HBO, and Hulu have taken over the world from a creative television standpoint. I’m not complaining.

Which, as a side note. Have you guys started watching Taboo yet? Definitely think it’ll be the next Peaky Blinders show. Especially since it features Tom Hardy, and was co-created by Steven Knight who worked with Hardy on Locke, Blinders and now Taboo. Definitely seems like a sure thing. And then, on the 10th I think? Then on the 20th Frontier is coming? There are a million things coming our way. Can’t wait! Anyway, check back again in April, I’m sure I’ll be talking about the Handmaiden’s Tale for sure.