Mother’s Day Grammarian and Geek Gift Ideas 2017

Mother’s Day Grammarian and Geek Gift Ideas 2017


And so I am here to help you out. No no really. Extraordinariousness is on it’s way. I’ve pulled together some ideas for your grammarian or geeky wife, or mother. And I’ve pulled together just a great assemblage of non-standard ideas to let her know just how special she really is. I swear to you, she doesn’t need one more bouquet of flowers.

Russian Ring Necklace with Engraving – $26

Just ordered this today for my wife. DANGIT! She’s going to see that… HONEY I THINK THE OVEN IS ON FIRE! LEAVE YOUR COMPUTER NOW!!!! Anyway, dropped my three kids names on the rings. And voila, she loves you more now than ever before. Because only real love can be bought.

gifts-for-geeks-bibliophant-t-shirt Bibliophant T-Shirt – $21

No idea what to get that reader in the family? Then get her a Bibliophant t-shirt. No idea what a bibliophant is? No worries, I don’t either, and I created the loveable little guy. But I’m sure your elphantine reader (see what I did there?) will know! Don’t want it in a t-shirt? Great, get it for her in a framed print!!

gifts-for-geeks-grammarian-infinity-scarf Literary Infinity Scarf – $25

Bought this for my significant grammarian other this past Christmas.  But look at this thing! Newsprint infinity goodness. How could you possibly go wrong with this? Not to mention the proceeds go towards the creator’s (Jessica – hi Jessica!) adoption – so buy 12. Or a metric ton’s worth.

gifts-for-geeks-whom You Had Me At Whom – $22

Want to let your grammarian husband, or grammarian girlfriend know that their freakishly efficient grammarness is the most adorable thing ever? Then how about a vintage type written declaration of affection in a framed print.

gifts-for-geeks-solar-fairy-jars Solar Fairy Jar – $17

What mother, wife, significant other, doesn’t want some solar fairy ambiance in her bedroom, office, or special hideaway? You’d be surprised at how much she’ll love these jars and their trapped and horrified fairies… oh wait. Check that last sentence. She’ll love these jars and their wholesome and uplifting flickering ambiance laden lights.

grammarians-unite Grammarians Unite! – $22

Ok, hear me out on this one. Your mother – your mother-in-law – the lovely wife that makes your life better each and every day through her hard work and her blood, and her sweat, and her tears… she deserves some peace and some reverie. This will calm her down, and get her pulse down under red-line for once.

gifts-for-geeks-urban-animals-tangs Urban Animals Tangs Invade New York – $40

Everyone wants a high quality print of enormous urban animals hanging in their office. These bright yellow Tangs will brighten any day as you watch them swim through the enormous high rises of New York. You know you want one.

gifts-for-geeks-bubble-calendar Bubble Wrap Calendar – $27

Combine the emotional release of bubble wrap, with the psychological joy of checking off check boxes and you have the brilliance of the Bubble Wrap Calendar. Possibly the only glitch here is your children, and those that have zero self control around bubble wrap. But other than that? Perfect geek or grammarian gift!


Sandscript – Automatic Sand Drawing Machine – $49.99

There’s a $60,000 version of this same idea out there

gifts-for-geeks-ski-wine-rack Snow Ski Wine Rack – $22

Some of you will instantly get this. Skis. And wine racks. A wine rack made from a set of skis? For the perfect mother, or skier lover this is money in the bank. I promise. I even certify this gift against returns. It won’t go back because she’ll be too tipsy from the fantastic wine she’s drinking out of her new wine rack.

gifts-for-geeks-baking-cats Commas Save Lives T-Shirt – $20
“I love baking my cat and leaving out commas.” Need I say any more at all? This is a very practical example of why it is, that we must always, always, always, use commas. Hahaha. Prefer it in a framed print? Perfect, I got you covered. But either way, this is a fantastic alt.mother’s day shirt hole in one.
Twinkling Lights Skirt – $59.99

This skirt has to be seen to be believed. The star patterns change and are in constellation formations. This coupled with the fairy jars and you are guaranteed to have the sparkliest Mother’s Day ever! Hahaha.

Longitude & Latitude Throw – $37.50

Yes, you are sensing a decidedly geeky theme to these Mother’s Day presents. Duh. Flowers are dumb. And so are you if you buy one more bouquet. Hahah. I love this pillow with the longitude and latitude, along with the family name. Completely useless information… but fun all the same.

Click & Grow Kitchen Herb Garden – $59.95

Self watering. Hassle free. Easy to use. Drop a plant cartridge into the container, push them towards the sun, and voila. In the summer, we use our mint plant for mojitos! And they are to die for. Just saying.



And when your wife, mom, significant other, is slack jawed at your prescience and your insight into what will make her smile, sure, feel free to swing back by and let me know just how well it went. And it goes without saying… if it goes poorly? That’s all on you! hahahah.