Hitman’s Bodyguard Is The BEST GMN Movie of the Year

The movies I generally talk about here at THinc. are thoughtful mindjobs. They are introspective and complicated. Just today my boss wandered over and said, so I went out to your website and read about that Monday movie? (He was referring to What Happened to Monday post – which is a great movie by the way) and he was like, “Taylor, I won’t be able to watch a movie that complicated. I quickly lost track of who was Monday, where Saturday went, and the bi-weekly leap year!” Ok, so I like my movies a little complicated. Deal with it.

But this movie isn’t that movie. Not by a long shot. Here, see for yourself…

Normally I would talk you guys through the movie, and break down the complicated features of said film and review the underlying philosophical or socio-economical brilliance of said film… but with this one? Nope. Here is my break down of this movie.


There is quite a bit of language and an extraordinary number of bullets. But oh, my, gosh, did I love this movie. Sometimes you just need to turn your brain off and laugh… and laugh… and laugh. Highly highly recommend this movie. Just go see it. If I were to rate it I’m sure I’d give it a 5 out of 5. It’s that fantastic.

If you are needing a laugh this weekend? This is just the thing for ya.
You can thank me later.

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  1. Lucas Tacconi

    Man the trailer looks like just another huge piece of Hollywood rubbish. But you are ALWAYS right. And I just LOVE complicated movies but, from time to time, you know, I need to see some nigaz killin nigaz (oh please, no offense to the black community, god knows I love’em, its a friendly saying that’s all). So I will take your piece of advice.


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