Are You Guys Watching Dark on Netflix?

There’s a German show, called Dark, on Netflix (thanks Pancake for the twitter shoutout) that is already blowing my mind. I’m only one episode in and already I know for a fact this is prime television. On the OA and Taboo, I took a shot at doing episode by episode walk throughs of how everything went down, and that was sort of fun. But a ton of work. I considered doing that here for exactly 12 seconds. But this show is so much more complex than either of those two shows.

For example, in the first five minutes, a man – no idea who – writes a note on an envelope that reads, don’t open this until November 10th after 10:15 pm… or some such. And then he steps up on to a chair and hanged himself. I mean, seriously? Brilliant beginning. This thing has time travel rooted into its bones. I have a feeling that multiple characters are single characters and vice versa. But I already know that I am hopelessly lost and just going to go in for the ride. So, sorry everyone that wanted a detailed walk through. I’m not going to be doing it for this particular show. It’d require 3 watches beginning to end before I had a grasp as to what was going on I feel.

Anyway, check it out. Dark, Netflix. I do believe that Netflix is offering both a dubbed version as well as a closed caption version. Life Pro Tip? Avoid the dubbing like the plague. The original German version is way better. Just because I care about you. Love to hear your theories about the show as you watch. But make sure you denote spoilers clearly! I am not finished yet! Enjoy!

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  1. Aaron

    Yeah dude. Finished it last night. It’s like LOST and The Returned had a love baby. So many thoughts!

    • Taylor Holmes

      I’m three eps in and I have been mapping the characters and the details of each religiously as it goes and I’m thankful I did. I actually watched ep1 and didn’t have my brain engaged, so I started ep1 over again once I realized how complicated it was going to get. I’ll definitely do a write up on the entire season once I finally get the time to finish it. So much goodness in this show. Your comparison to Lost and The Returned is spot on. Such a crazy show. Bet we hear in the next week or two of a Hollywood remake. Guaranteed.

      • Aaron

        We should chat once you’re done. I have a lot to say about it, but I can’t really say anything without major spoilers. Enjoy the ride!

      • Taylor Holmes

        Oh yeah,
        You’ll either see my post, or I’ll come looking for you. Just need a couple hours in my life to free up. Dying to see what happens next. So much goodness already. Can’t wait for the first jump back to the 1950’s hehehe. Hasn’t happened yet. But I’m sure it’ll unlock a lot of secrets. See you on the other side.


  2. Henry

    No spoilers: Just finished Season 1. Great show. So much fun to watch the web unravel or puzzle come together. Both analogies apply at the same time.

    Request: Since you’re taking notes as you watch, I hope your full review includes a Winden family-tree-style infographic.

    • Taylor Holmes

      Oh yeah, totally, that’s really the only thing my notes are keeping track of and they are like at three pages already. Who is related to whom and what is their connection etc. Totally. An infographic for this show would be amazing (and difficult to do!) But yeah, I will begin working on it as soon as I finish. On ep5 now.


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