Um Hard Candy Anyone? Hard Candy?

This won’t be my normal review, you know, the standard 3,000 word exegetical downward spiral sort of an article. I just wanted to say, um, Hard Candy?

The story of how I got here is actually kind of funny. So lately, many of you have been posting movies we should all check out over at And someone recommended Devil’s Candy. (Which, no offense to anyone in particular, but that movie just looks all kinds of evil to me. Can anyone else back up it’s worth the watch?) And so I went looking to find a copy of the movie to watch. (Not that you want to know this, but a lot of times I download the movies in advance to my laptop, or iPad so that I can watch while at my son’s swim team practices. Or my girl’s dance practices, or what have you.)

So here I am, hunting this movie down – Devil’s Candy – or whatever, and then I see that Ellen Page is in the movie? And Patrick Wilson too? I was like, oh? Eh? Oh, I guess I didn’t know what Devil’s Candy was really about. So I snag it, and then I notice, oh? It’s a 2005 movie? I thought it was more recent. Oh, ok whatever. And I proceed to dive into the movie. Huh, so this is a cat and mouse game between this minor and this pedophile? Is that what is happening here. Not what I thought Devil’s Candy was AT ALL. So weird. I guess I really don’t pay very good attention when it comes to movies (he says unironically… like at all.)

And then this “Devil’s Candy” movie went ALL KINDSA NUTS (ok, that was an inside joke to those of you who’ve already seen it. HOLY COW was this movie insane. The other day I told you guys about the movie The Ritual,  and just how “crazy” that movie was? Well, com’on. This movie dusts The Ritual by a factorial.

But it was only AFTER the movie was over, that I went back to the suggest a movie page that I realized, no, Devil’s Candy is not Hard Candy, and vice versa. I was so confused! So yeah, I watched the wrong movie. But, holy cow was Hard Candy good, good good good. But intense. If you can’t handle discussions of pedophilia. Pass. If you can’t handle cat and mouse games between a 12 year old looking Page, and Patrick Wilson, pass. But wow, does Hard Candy escalate fast. But yeah, if you do dig revenge prawn, and you definitely like seeing people get what they “deserve”… holy cow. I’ll always put my money on page from here on out. How did I miss this film? Here is the trailer in case you’d like to know a little bit more about it:

So yeah, just a casual – hey, movie recommendation post from me. 2005 is old. So who knows what level of interest there is here. But wow did I love it.

What did you guys think of it? Please keep the spoilers out of the comments on this post as I didn’t wave off those of you who haven’t viewed it already. Ok? Thanks!



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8 Responses

  1. Happy Pancake

    Hard Candy was an unexpected treat for me, too, some years ago on late night cable. No other comments. Just general agreement. 🙂

  2. Alicia

    Devil’s Candy is great if you like horror, but since you didn’t dig The Blackcoat’s Daughter all that much (it seems), I’m not sure if you’ll be into it. It’s a little bit of a mind trip but gets real bloody at the end. I loved Hard Candy, too!

  3. Taylor Holmes

    Ah. Interesting. I didn’t like the blatant satanism. Period. Just not a fan. I personally believe that that is a real thing. And don’t really dig playing in that space. Don’t get me wrong, I love dark horror. But worshiping satan in the boiler in the school’s basement? Nah. Not my dish.

  4. Alicia

    Interesting. I don’t think the movie was condoning devil-worshipping, though, do you? I think it was more a vehicle to explore loneliness and faith. And creep people out, of course.

  5. Taylor

    Oh no,
    I didn’t mean to imply that it condoned or encouraged devil-worship by any stretch. I was just saying that it impacted my personal enjoyment of the film. It’s like the difference between watching the movie Pacific Heights as a landlord and as a non-landlord. (Pacific Heights being a movie about tenants totally pwning a landlord in any and every way possible.) I watched it as a highschool kid and loved it. And then a couple years ago as a guy with tenants? It absolutely crawled under my skin and ate me alive. Right? Same exact movie, but two different experiences. That’s all.

    Another thing I have to consider is that sometimes people beat me up about giving high ratings to movies that they themselves might not like. (This happens really often actually.) So when I recommend a movie, I guess I have to be a little bit careful about who is reading. I can caveat the heck out of every recommendation, but still people just hear me saying EVERYONE WATCH IT. IT IS PERFECT! Which is fairly unfortunate. But it is what it is.

  6. Larry Rafsky

    “Hard Candy” is certainly the best movie that no one has seen. Just last night I was telling a crowd at dinner it’s a must-see. As I have done many times before.

    It does not seem dated in any way. But to make a pun, it is assuredly NOT a date movie.

    Beyond the revenge plot, there are so many clever lines and scenes … cracking the floor safe, the “doctor only tells his golf buddies”, the great Sandra Oh cameo … I better stop now before a spoiler slips in.

    I also caught it by (happy) accident, and it quickly took a place in my personal Top-10 list. This is not the Ellen Page of Juno or Inception. Hardly. What a range this gem has on screen.

    Do not fail to watch this.

  7. Taylor Holmes

    Thanks for the shout out Larry. Yeah, I totally agree… this movie completely caught me off guard really in every way.


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