Hey are you guys watching Get Shorty?

Hey, are you guys watching Get Shorty? So, while I may not be the biggest TV show watcher on the planet… cough. The global pandemic has definitely changed my watching habits of late. With less movies coming out, and more time on my hands, I find myself succumbing more and more to your annoying TV series recommendations and suggestions.

Well, Jacob, annoying as he is, recommended that I watch the show ‘Get Shorty.’ At which, I retorted, The John Travolta train wreck of a movie from like 1995? And his response was confusing…oh, no, definitely not. It’s the TV show from 2017. And I retorted, as in, an episodic? A series of shows that just keep going until it jumps the shark? And he said, I guess. Sure. Seasons 1 and 2 for sure. 3 not so much.

And so I watched.

And, you know what it is? It’s literally a ‘Breaking Bad’ for the film industry. Literally. So much so, that when Dean Morris showed up, out of nowhere, I decided the overlapping Venn diagram that is Breaking Bad and Get Shorty had become, basically, concentric circles. I was sure I was going to bounce at that point – but thankfully, Dean Morris was only a very small part in just one episode. PHEW! Disaster averted.

Anyway – if Breaking Bad was your thing. You might want to give it a look see. You might be surprised.

Edited by: CY